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Happy Colour
Happy Colour
  • Updated:Sep 25, 2023
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  • Updated:Sep 21, 2023

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Edit Notes for Happy Colour


Do you miss the color initiation coloring books you played with in your childhood? Have you ever fantasized about being a creative painter who has a myriad of colors at his disposal to give them unique meaning? If so, then don’t miss the game you're about to be introduced to. Happy Color, provided by X-FLOW and released on January 24, 2018, is a casual single-player puzzle doodle coloring game in which players get a taste of the creative leisure experience of relieving stress and healing themselves through art by applying appropriate and natural colors to tens of thousands of paintings in different styles. Instead of having pen and paper as a prerequisite for painting, Happy Color makes coloring books with tens of thousands of colorful artwork categories readily available. With the core game mode of relaxing and killing time through art and painting, players no longer need to envy not being able to willfully doodle like a child or struggle to find the right way to heal themselves.

However, If you’re still worried that being an adult and drawing kids’ coloring books is so childish, you're underestimating Happy Color. The truth is that, Happy Color is an adult coloring book for players of all ages, with tens of thousands of highly inclusive drawings including animals, historic sites, art masterpieces, Disney and Marvel movies, and even heavenly stars, which are still updated in real time. Therefore, as you can see, anyone who wants to cure anxiety or express their creative ideas can achieve any of their purpose in Happy Color.

What makes this game the most relaxing is that it is so simple to pick up and master that players can simply choose the painting they are interested in and fill in the corresponding color blocks according to the automatic division into different numbered areas to complete a great creation without much effort.


Game Features

1. What makes Happy Color stand out from other games in its genre are its rich natural colors and easy effortless controls, as well as an extremely wide variety of painting styles that players of all ages can find a place and indulge in.

2. All the paintings in Happy Color adopt a variety of color blocks to make the painting more realistic and vivid.

3. Thousands of artworks with a variety of themes and different coloring difficulties are waiting to be discovered and completed in Happy Color by players who enjoy different art styles and filling difficulties.


Game Highlights

1. Happy Color’s simple coloring and painting gameplay provides an excellent way for players of all ages to relieve physical and mental exhaustion while cultivating their spirit.

2. Happy Color is a great platform for people with artistic creativity but no talent for drawing and painting to splash their colors and create exciting and beautiful works.



1. Happy Color can effectively relieve the player’s anxious or stressed mood and mentality, allowing their mind to return to the calm state of minimalist color restoration while helping them complete the release of stress in a positive way.

2. Happy Color’s easy-to-use and minimalist natural colorful graphics allow players to quickly immerse themselves in the innocent coloring memories of childhood.



One of the most troubling things about the game is the countless ads that are inserted into the game, which can’t be skipped whether you disconnect the Internet or switch apps, making it difficult for players to have a smooth game experience.


Game Review

As far as the actual gaming experience goes, Happy Color has its praise-worthy aspects as well as its flaws that need to be enhanced. With a wide variety of coloring artworks, minimalist painting methods, relaxing art therapy, and an art platform for players to express their creative ideas, Happy Color has won the favor and support of countless players, including myself. However, what is worth the developers’ attention and improvement is that there are a lot of annoying ads in the game, and when you try to close it, you will always be inexplicably induced to click on the ads.

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