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Goat Simulator
Goat Simulator

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Edit Notes for Goat Simulator


Goat Simulator is a spoof action simulation game from Coffee Stain Studio. In the game, players have to control this goat in a simulated world of adventure, exploration, and most importantly, let it use a variety of ways to "death". During the game, you are like a crazy goat, imitating an extreme enthusiast, destroy super facilities and complete super fun action to get a high score that bring you a kind of sound destruction feeling and let people very relaxed. 

At the same time, there are some interesting bugs in the game that will make the experience fun! Unlike other games that are ruined by bugs, the game bugs are the biggest highlight of the game. The core gameplay of the game is relatively simple. The game will be able to bring us laughter.

Game features

1. A wonderful goat simulation game, you can become a goat to start your new adventure!

2. A variety of farm magic journey, collect more magic props, experience the most fantasy world!

3. There are different game characters, and you can interact with them to get more tasks and fun!

4. Break things and earn points for it. Brag to your friends that you are the best goat!

5. Countless glitches! We will only eliminate dead glitches; all other glitches are so funny that we will keep in the game.

6. This is a very educational game to help you better complete the simulation of goat destruction.


Game highlights

1. No Rules

No rules and tasks is a major feature of the game, players can do something at will in the game.

2. Bugs are also fun

Using the Unreal engine for development, the game deliberately did not do optimization, so left a lot of bugs, but these bugs have become part of the fun of the game.

3.       Open world game

It is an open game, there will be some similar achievements in the game challenge list, these are only to help players better understand and play the game, to provide players with ideas to discover new ways to play, but this open game but not necessarily suitable for all players.



1. Unreal engine graphics are still good.

2. The game is fun and you will be hooked.

3. The painting style is new and refreshing.

4. Simple gameplay for all ages.



1. Optimization is not quite great.

2. But when you open the application, it takes you to a screen with no buttons and no forward direction.


Game review

Goat Simulator is an action game in which players control a goat in a series of sabotage activities. I think it is very fun, and it even has a high freedom, there are many small details waiting to be discovered, and different sheep have different ways to play. At the same time, the game uses the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto, there is a lot of freedom, some settings may be too free and do not consider some social norms.


All in all, it's a very fun simulation game for all ages, so come and experience it if you like!

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