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Junes Journey
Junes Journey
  • Updated:Jan 25, 2024
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Edit Notes for Junes Journey

"Junes Journey" game features:

1, A puzzle-like casual entertainment game, players need to find many hidden clues in the mansion of Joan;.

2, A variety of ways to play the game, interesting puzzles, hidden scenes and a variety of mysterious props.

3, A variety of modes for you to choose, which love to choose which!

How to play "Junes Journey" game:

Junes Journey" uses the form of chapters to carry out, relatively speaking, the game play is slightly single, basically in addition to "look at the map to find things" or "look at the map to find things". And in the conversion of scenes, there is no old friend Artifex Mundi's work, as the scene can be converted at will. Interestingly, in order to make up for the lack of gameplay, the developer came up with the solution of dressing up, that is, you can use the coins you get in the game to buy the corresponding items to dress up your villa. For example, you can buy bushes, park chairs and so on. Whether players buy it or not is a different story.

As the game progresses, more clues will gradually emerge to bring you closer to the truth. However, the game is still relatively dumb stamina value settings, you need to spend a certain amount of stamina value for each scene you explore, up to 100 points can be accumulated, that is, six times in a row so will be used up, do not want to spend money, you can only be slowly wait.

"Junes Journey" game content:

A classic American style adventure puzzle game, the game players need to find clues from the display of objects to crack the truth. Players need to find various clues and props in the room in order to solve the corresponding mode of the puzzle. The game allows players to choose the puzzles to be solved according to their preferences, is it very addictive?

No one can force you to choose what questions to answer, you can choose whatever you want! There are plenty of ways to play, and puzzles are one of them. Can you solve the puzzles according to the clues?

Description of "Junes Journey" game:

It's about New York in 1927, the main character Joan found out that her sister and her brother-in-law were killed, in order to thoroughly investigate the truth of the whole incident, she will move around a number of hand-painted scenes with characteristics of New York and Paris to find traces.

As for the game play, in fact, we are familiar with the "look at the map to find things", that is, the challenge you need to appear on the screen according to the name of the items (in English), in the corresponding scene to find them out respectively. This is actually very similar to the "Animal City Crime Files", but its gameplay seems a little more simple. Because in the course of the game, when you can not find the corresponding items, you can also click the bottom right corner of the "light bulb" to free hints. From this point of view, the developer is still more sincere, unlike some works, do not need to spend money to buy hints times.

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