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Hair Challenge
Hair Challenge

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Hair Challenge is an action parkour game by Rollic Games, in which players play as the princess whose long hair has been cut off, traverse various obstacles to collect hair and get long hair before the level to get high game points. The levels provide colorful hair color, sexy and beautiful dress style, as well as swaying and colorful parkour action, the award-winning game has become a strong contender for the recent hit parkour games.


As one of the more recent and well-liked level parkour games, Hair Challenge uses a female character as its main selling point and incorporates the theme of Rapunzel. It centers the level's development around the princess's hair, assisting her in growing it while navigating various gears, trapped air, and other obstacles. At the level's conclusion, the length of the princess' hair is used as the deciding factor for scoring. The last need to receive points is the length of the hair at the ends. As there are more and more level parkour games, a trend of level parkour games based on the design of colorful obstacles and the calculation of points at the bottom of the level is emerging. These games often use different character shapes as their selling point and feature, as well as various odd levels of development.


In short, Hair Challenge has a fun and easy gameplay, which involves controlling Rapunzel to dodge various traps while also gathering as many strands of the same color as you can. This will make Rapunzel's hair progressively grow longer and give you more points at the level's end. Players must pay attention to avoid the strong gears in the level in addition to collecting hair.


With over 1 million installs and content certified as acceptable for all users, Hair Challenge is currently the top free game on Google Play. It has 19,000 reviews and a rating of 3.8.


Game Feature

1. Includes a range of entertaining mini-games, an extremely exciting adventure, and a highly challenging challenge that will make playing even more engaging and worthwhile.

2. It has very characteristic levels and super flexible game operation.

3. There is no any game pressure. Extraordinary game elements, and romantic challenges are waiting for you to play.


Game Highlights

1.By collecting the proper points and raising your score, you can shorten your hair by avoiding obstacles as much as you can.

2. In addition to level passing, the ultimate judgment will also take into account the character's hair length.



1. It has simple elements to create your own extraordinary challenge.

2. It has extraordinary gameplay.



Because of the relatively high difficulty, it is challenging for players to achieve high scores in the game because of the setting that long hair is extremely easily cut off once it has accumulated to a certain level.


Game Review

Graphics for the Hair Challenge follow the recent appearance of the same sort of game with a light blue background, elegant gray and white in the level design, and meticulously exquisite color-matched character clothes, this game offers players a vibrant visual experience. Players can alter the color of their hair while going forward and through the acquisition of additional hair hues. With the aid of the hairstyling feature in the shop, a range of mythical figures and unique hair accessories will be unlocked, making this fantastic action parkour hand game more unique and exciting.


If you like to experience a variety of different types of action parkour games, if you have a fondness for Rapunzel's theme, then please do not easily miss "Hair Challenge".

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