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Wordscapes is an idioms uncrossed puzzle and casual game, in which players need to have enough knowledge of idioms, in addition to idioms and English, players need to improve their vocabulary, which the game helps with as you learn. This game does a combination of Chinese and Western, players in the game can get their own previously unexplored idioms and English knowledge points to enrich their knowledge.


Wordscapes needs everyone to reserve enough knowledge to be able to play in the levels in the game, each level is designed from our idiom culture, it also helps everyone to review the meaning of each idiom and even use them skillfully in life. Many interesting mode activities can be experienced to find the best opportunity for you to deal with various tests as soon as possible, quickly complete the various casual passes and get the various results you need to complete various operations!


Game features

1. Escape and thrill your heart by visiting Wordscapes' beautiful destinations!

2. Get your word chase on with over 3700 crossword puzzles!

3. Challenge your brain and vocabulary!

4. You can beat these crossword puzzles, they're just the beginning.

5. This is the perfect fit for crossword or word puzzle lovers, combining the best word finder games and crossword puzzles.

6. This modern game combines the best of word search and crossword puzzles for great brain-challenging fun!


Game highlights

1. There are new questions every day, when the user first open the game everyday, they can get a new level.

2. There are three thousand levels with strict questions and no typos.

3. There are unlimited free hints with only 5 seconds.

4. The interface is simple, beautiful and reasonable, and you can know whether it is correct immediately after entering the answer.

5. We recommend that you call your family and friends to play together, the crossword is to play with more people to have fun.

6. Global ranking, players can rank with global users.



1. It has cartoon style game graphics, fully meet the needs of different users.

2. Simple operation, you can get started in a few minutes.

3. Comprehensive vocabulary, involving many categories, which can also enrich your English vocabulary while challenging.

4. Thousands of different levels for you to challenge.

5. The difficulty of the game will increase little by little, so that players gradually adapt to the game.

6. Invite your friends to experience the game!


1. After the game was updated, there were ads after each level.

2. Sometimes, the stars are not added to the total score.

3. As for the chat feature, it won't let players see what is typing.


Game review

This is a puzzle game in which the player has to select a number of letters from a jumbled puzzle to form a series of valid words and fill in the horizontal and vertical boxes on the screen. The game has more than 3700 word puzzle levels, and as the player progresses, the number of boxes to be filled will increase. In short, it is a powerful assistant for learning English words, so players who need to learn English words and fans of puzzle games should not miss it.

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