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Comics Bob
Comics Bob
  • Updated:Aug 4, 2022
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Released by Saygames, Comics Bob is a puzzle game with a prehistoric man theme. A entertaining two-choice game based on the background of prehistoric people's daily lives is also included. Players take on the role of the primitive man Bob, seeking to establish their own existence in the vibrant prehistoric environment. In order to dodge the old Tyrannosaurus Rex's hunts, players must find a way to survive the range of perilous traps they will come across. The player will be presented with a number of odd and perplexing circumstances, and they will need to understand their value through the two-choice play in order to proceed.


Then the gameplay in Comics Bob is straightforward but enjoyable. The typical two-for-one gameplay appears to be quite straightforward, but it is affected by the different plot interactions that determine how the player's decisions will turn out. The player can go to the next scenario by making the proper decision, but making the incorrect one could send them directly to hell. Of course, I think that many gamers will be willing to keep playing in order to experience a richer game material.


With more than 1 million installs, content deemed suitable for teenagers, almost 6,000 active reviews, and a rating of 4.3, "Comics Bob" is now placed No. 3 on the Google Play and App Store free game hit list.


Game Feature

1. The different experiences will give you the ways to challenge their own limit.

2. It is suitable for all ages, it will make children and the old laugh in the game.

3. It has classic cartoon graphics and sound effects.

4. The game will bring you a new upgrade of physical interaction.


Game Highlights

1. It has crisis traps, huge prehistoric dinosaurs, and a beautiful romantic love story, which is waiting for players to experience.

2. The game uses the classic nostalgic style of painting, simple and intuitive mode of operation, the amount of hidden levels waiting for your challenge.

3. According to the story in the game, assist Bob to search for his true love.



1. Puzzle Solving

This game is full of tricky situations and the outcome depends on you.

2. A real cartoon

It gives you a new interactive experience. Make a choice and enjoy the results of a beautiful show.



1. Not all game characters' talents and objects are balanced well.

2. I believe there is still much opportunity for development with regard to game soundtrack.


Game Review

The game process in Comics Bob is combined with comics in the American comic book style, giving players the impression that they are reading an interesting American comic book. The choice of key nodes increases player interaction in the game while also giving players a greater sense of participation. The game's straightforward design aims to lower the bar for entry as much as possible. From the actual experience, the mystery surrounding the old daily life in "Comics Bob" draws in gamers. After all, no one can avoid the investigation of the unknown and the yearning to know. If you are fond of the life of primitive people, if you are a fan of puzzle games, then please do not easily miss "Comics Bob".

Promotional Video/Screenshot

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