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Gardenscapes is a casual game combining simulation and elimination developed by Russian Playrix. As for the triple elimination gameplay, you should eliminate by sliding three or more identical blocks, and there is a shocking visual sensation of chain reactions exploding the whole screen. The simulation game requires the collection of stars through the three elimination game to obtain material resources, and constantly unlock the garden facilities, according to their preferences to decorate the garden, and explore the unknown storyline.


In order to let us restore the most real dream garden, you can also use your own creativity to embellish this garden, this game is for players who don’t have many limitations, you can keep using your imagination as long as you have ideas to better decorate your dream garden.


In August 2016, Gardenscapes was released online in the United States, which is a three-dimensional game that has been developed for four years.

Game features

1. No matter where you are, you can open your phone and tap the game to enter the wonderful world of the garden! You can build your garden offline and join hands with Austin to create a perfect garden!

2. Every part of the garden is carefully designed with flowers, grass, animals, potted plants and fountains. All kinds of styles are at your disposal! Various areas are waiting for you to break in and unlock! You can feel the elegance and mystery of Eastern culture, but also the magnificence of Western architecture!

3. You can easily point and click, feel the cool elimination on screen! You can build a garden by eliminating and passing the levels, this garden is bound by your own limits!

Game highlights

1. Gardenscapes has fun and exciting triple elimination gameplay with gorgeous and fresh garden management and cultivation.

2. The thrill of the challenge and the sense of achievement of building an exclusive garden.

3. You can plant and raise your own flowers, walk and feed the dog, decorate the garden, and create a gorgeous manor and enjoy the fun of building.


1. Gameplay innovation: Simulation and elimination gameplay, so it is easy to understand and learn how to play the game.

2. Picture graphics: the game graphics is exquisite and delicate, the sound effects are relaxed and casual, the story is interlocking and fascinating with a strong sense of immersion.

3. Fun and visual effects: the storyline, details and special effects are more extravagant and expressive.


1. It will be more and more difficult, you need to buy some props to pass the levels.

2. The game advertising and game content will have some different places.

Game review

The game graphics uses a realistic style of arrangements of background images combined with cartoon style. Each level has a different background image, and the bright colors combined with the colorful items which give players a very nice visual effect. At the same time, the game provides two modes, the word search is a very suitable mini game, a variety of props also enrich the content. Finally, the garden includes a wide variety of decorations to choose from, different styles of benches, fences, ponds and so on, players can build the garden according to their own aesthetic.

Promotional Video/Screenshot

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