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Tiles Hop- EDM Rush
Tiles Hop- EDM Rush

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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush is an exhilarating rhythm-based mobile game introduced by AMANOTES PTE LTD on January 16, 2018. Designed to engage players with a pulsating music experience, the game integrates universally loved Electronic Dance Music (EDM) tracks with fluid gameplay mechanics. Players control a bouncing ball that hops from tile to tile, syncing each jump with the beat of the music. With each successful hop, players experience the satisfaction of the rhythm while navigating a vivid and dynamic course. Tiles Hop doesn’t just challenge one’s reflexes but also their ability to keep in time with the beat, making it an appealing fusion of arcade and music game genres. Over the years, its vast library of songs and ever-evolving gameplay elements have maintained its popularity among rhythm game enthusiasts. AMANOTES, known for their rhythm games, hit the right note with Tiles Hop: EDM Rush, offering a delightful and immersive musical journey.


Game Features

1. The heart and soul of Tiles Hop: EDM Rush is its vast and versatile music library. From EDM to classical, rock to pop, players have access to an array of tracks, allowing them to bounce and groove to their favorite tunes. Moreover, the game provides an option to import your songs, amplifying the personalized experience.

2. Tiles Hop adapts its difficulty based on the music chosen, meaning every song offers a unique challenge. Faster tunes accelerate the pace, demanding swift reflexes, while slower songs might appear easier but can deceive with intricate tile patterns.

3. The game isn’t just about music. It allows users to customize their visual experience with numerous ball designs and tile themes. From fiery orbs to sparkling stars, players can select appearances that resonate with their style.

4. To keep players engaged, Tiles Hop introduces daily challenges that offer unique twists and turn on the conventional gameplay. Completing these challenges not only boosts confidence but also rewards with exclusive in-game items and bonuses.


Game Highlights

1. The game combines stunning visuals with a perfectly synchronized audio track, creating an immersive experience that transcends traditional mobile games. The vibrant colors, captivating animations, and pulsating beats combine to create a truly mesmerizing and enjoyable gameplay experience.

2. Tiles Hop: EDM Rush’s addictive gameplay mechanics, coupled with its dynamic music selection, make it hard to put down.

3. No internet? No problem! Tiles Hop can be played offline, allowing players to enjoy their music-filled journey without any hindrance, making it a perfect travel companion.

4. AMANOTES ensures the game remains fresh and engaging with regular updates.



1. Tiles Hop: EDM Rush excels in providing a unique fusion of gameplay and music, offering players an immersive and enjoyable experience.

2. The simple one-touch controls make it accessible to players of all skill levels, ensuring that anyone can quickly pick up and enjoy the game without feeling overwhelmed.



1. The frequent ads can disrupt the flow, especially in a rhythm-based game where continuity is crucial.

2. Over time, the gameplay can become monotonous for some, despite the game’s varied features.


Game Review

Having spent hours immersed in Tiles Hop: EDM Rush, I can confidently say that it’s a game that seamlessly blends addictive gameplay, mesmerizing visuals, and an impressive collection of EDM tracks. The simple yet intuitive controls ensure that players can easily pick up the game and dive into the rhythmic challenges.


The intricately designed levels progressively increase in difficulty, providing a sense of accomplishment and pushing players to improve their scores. The immersive audiovisual experience truly transports you into a world where music and gameplay are perfectly synchronized.


The game’s strengths lie in its engaging musical experience, easy-to-learn controls, and captivating visuals, which create an enjoyable journey for players. However, the occasional advertisements can disrupt the immersive experience, though these can be removed with a small fee.

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