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Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter
Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter
  • Updated:Dec 14, 2023
    Size:672.1 MB
  • Updated:Jan 11, 2024

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Edit Notes for Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter


Want to be the embodiment of justice and make the vicious Mafia pay with their lives? Want to shoot every bad guy and get the hostages out safely in a way like the super cool bullet time in The Matrix? All your fantasies and desires will be fulfilled in the following game. Offered by SayGames Ltd and released on December 13, 2019, Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter is a classic action shooter ultra-casual single-player game where players are allowed to control a matchmaker through a series of actions such as jumping, moving, shooting, etc. to fight against enemies and rescue hostages in each level, eventually destroying the underground world completely controlled by the mafia. Adopting cartoon elements as its graphic style, the original bloody and violent gun battle graphics become cute and easy to accept, and the round and cute two-headed match figure also naturally attracts players of all ages. As you can see, if you are an avid enthusiast of gunfighting games and find it hard to move away from cartoon-style games, then Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter can definitely satisfy all your cravings.

However, never assume that the difficulty of a cartoon-style game is too easy to make you lose your desire to conquer. With its easy-to-pick-up gameplay and challenging controls, Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter will definitely allow you to experience the multi-dimensional fun of shooting games. With bullet time as its most prominent feature, players in this game to control the matchmaker shooting action will show enhanced slow-motion and the effect of relative time standstill, of which extremely innovative fire design also makes Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter successfully stand out from other gun battle games of the same type.

Not only that, but the flip, jump, and bullet ricocheting effects based on real physics design greatly enrich the game experience from a more realistic perspective.


Game Features

1. Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter exercises the players’ basic physics and reflexes, such as bounce tracks, and makes the relaxing game itself more meaningful.

2. Players are able to collect dozens of unique weapons in Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter and experience the thrill of firing with these realistic guns through controlling the virtual matchstick avatar.

3. With a cute and streamlined matchstick as the inspiration for all the positive and negative characters, Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter’s graphics are extremely fresh and bright in color and style, giving players a refreshing visual experience as always.


Game Highlights

1. Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter allows players to customize their virtual matchstick character using up to dozens of unique and personal-filled skins to help players get the most out of their ideas and personalities.

2. Players in Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter to control the matchstick with a variety of slow-motion shooting will enjoy the ultimate smooth and dynamic motion graphics effects.



1. Players’ strategic and quick reaction skills will be fully exercised in Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter.

2. Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter allows players to enjoy the smooth and refreshing dynamic graphics while completing challenging levels with exciting background music.



The most frustrating part was Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter’s frequent crashes that left me stuck in the same level for almost a month.


Game Review

As far as the actual gaming experience goes, Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter has its praise-worthy aspects as well as its flaws that need to be enhanced. It does a great job no matter in the cultivation of a sense of responsibility and justice for the player, the minimalist controls but full test of reflexes, the cartoonish fresh and bright graphics or the thrilling shooting gameplay.  However, it is worth improving on the fact that there are so many repeated ads that I couldn’t fully immerse myself in the smooth fun of the gunplay.

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