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Sonic Dash - Endless Running
Sonic Dash - Endless Running
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  • Updated:Jan 23, 2024
    Size:575.2 MB
    Developer:Sega America
  • Updated:Jan 22, 2024
    Size:200 MB
    Developer:Sega America

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Sonic Dash - Endless Running is a parkour action game developed by Hardlight and published by Sega, which was publicly released in 2013 for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows platforms. The game uses the dual screen of NDS and adds a new way of playing. In the game, players can choose between Sonic and Blaze, and the goal of the game is to retrieve the emerald. The scene of this level is very close to the traditional Sonic game of green hills. The game system is basically the same, the main gameplay is to accelerate as fast as possible to run wildly. Pressing the R button in mid-air will allow you to double jump and cross wider cracks.


Game Feature

1. The race game never stops

Run endlessly on a track full of obstacles. Use your power and excellent skills to get ahead in this race. There are tons of exciting terrains waiting for you to explore in this endless racing game. Also, make the most of your skills and discover your talents in the game to be able to overcome challenges as fast as possible.

2. Use great skills

Don't be subjective in any race, even the easiest one in this game. Because just when you are a little bit careless, no matter how far you go, you have to start from the beginning. Use your best skills to be able to dodge and overcome thousands of obstacles in the game with extreme difficulty.

3. A great racing world

Every design created in this game always makes the player admire its gorgeous and beautiful design. In addition to runners, you can also control the vehicles collected along the way to significantly speed up the race. Don't bother about anything, just enjoy the exciting moments in the game and enjoy many epic races. The fun and entertaining game will help many players to relax after a stressful work day and explore the different spaces in Sonic Dash - Endless Running.


Game Highlights

1. Compete with friends

In addition to Sonic, there are countless other Sonic characters involved in this game. You can customize your character to compete in each different race for added fun. Sonic's friends are a formidable force, and they all have different strengths.

2. Please choose the right character before you start participating in the race.

There is no limit to this game, all you need to do is to explode your power at breakneck speed. This endless race is held every day and goes on forever. After winning the race, you can have more different characters.



There are various game props for players to use. In addition, the game also has a built-in leaderboard function for friends to compete with each other.



Under the clear water is colorful coral, unfortunately there is no creature swimming in the sea.


Game Review

First of all, there is nothing more attractive in Sonic Dash than Sonic the Hedgehog. The character looks more vivid, lively and lovely. The game scene design is delicate. The game's background music is light and bright, strong sense of rhythm.


Compared with the previous works, Sonic Dash has been improved in the graphics and operation. And Sega did not set up too many complicated internal purchases in this game, so that players can purely experience the joy of the game and can also relive the classic.

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