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Hill Climb Racing 2
Hill Climb Racing 2
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  • Updated:Aug 28, 2023
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  • Updated:Jan 12, 2024
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Hill Climb Racing 2 is the sequel to the 500 million download casual racing game "Hill Climb Racing", created by Fingersoft, a well-known Finnish game developer. In 2016, the game topped the App Store in the United States in all categories of APP download list.


Newton Bill makes a comeback in "Hill Climb Racing 2" to take his car into an unfamiliar universe. Join the fun 2D casual physics racer! Bill is prepared to take on the international multiplayer competition and contend for the world title. He will still be travelling around the highlands and playing a variety of timeless games. Try to enhance your racing abilities as you compete against other players on beautiful courses, utilize physics to defeat them, win treasure chests, unlock amazing rewards, and unlock cool new vehicles!


The game maintains the real-physics-based racing gameplay of its predecessor in a cartoon format. The game's playability and originality are both enhanced by the new fancy track, which also enables players to experience the full breadth of the stunt driving activity.


There are two game modes in "Hill Climb Racing 2": cup mode and adventure mode. By completing the game requirements in the Adventure mode map, players can unlock the matching map levels in the Cup mode. In the Cup mode, users will be paired up with three other players at random to compete and earn prizes. With a total of 16 adventure maps, the traditional "Hill Climb Racing" infinite game is continued in Adventure mode. Additionally, Super matches and training matches are separated from Cup matches. When players satisfy the requirements for the game, they can access the various match maps in training matches. You can earn winning points and enter to win a treasure chest by winning a game! Additionally, Super Cup winners are eligible for extremely lavish treasure chest rewards!

Game Feature

1. Upgrade your car as you wish!

Combine and acquire these pieces to increase your performance from a selection of more than 16 unlocked parts! To enhance the performance of your automobile and try to win the championship, mix and match these upgrades however you like!


2. Customize your vehicle and character!

Unlock a variety of customization options for your character and vehicle! And you can use different skins and forums for deep customization, making you the most unique racer ever!


3. Take the top spot in multiplayer!

In race mode, you'll face off against three other online players. Fight your way to the finish line as fast as you can! This mode allows you to participate in hundreds of levels and drive into a variety of terrain for multiplayer. You'll drive through scenic countryside and deep into dangerous frosty caves!


Game Highlights

1. Unlock and upgrade your car with new vehicle parts!

2. Customize your character and vehicle appearance!

3. Team up with your friends online and compete in team mode racing!

4. Weekly events change the gameplay in exciting ways!



1. The gameplay is extremely simple which brings you the uncomplicated experience.

2. It brings you an extraordinary game quality experience.

3. High quality retro style game graphics, bringing a more exquisite sense of experience.



Upgrade protocols are monotonous and unattractive


Game Review

Hill Climb Racing 2 maintains the eccentric aesthetic of its predecessor. This game's graphics are higher than the previous one's in terms of performance and scene or racing detail, players can select from a variety of racing in this game. Players will be able to choose from dozens of various personalization options for their character's appearance and the vehicle they employ. Additionally, the vehicle's suspension system, tires, engine, and a plethora of other crucial components for supporting driving can all be modified.

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