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  • Updated:Nov 24, 2022
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  • Updated:Aug 24, 2023

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Edit Notes for Granny


Want to find the way to escape in a tense and exciting atmosphere? Want to give full play to your mind to solve as many puzzles as possible in the sense of oppressive tension? If so, then the following game will satisfy all your desires. Provided by DVloper and released on November 24, 2017, Granny is a survival horror action-adventure single-player game in which players will be trapped in a large house ruled by a scary grandmother and a series of bizarre animals and elements, and not being caught by the grandmother and successfully escaping is the only winning goal from the beginning to the end. To achieve this goal players must solve one puzzle after another in a stressful and tense atmosphere. As you can see, if you too crave immersive thrills from the game and are keen to unleash your wits to solve the puzzles, then Granny is sure to be a treat for you.

As an excellent survival escape game with a thrilling puzzle style, Granny does a great job of creating an immersive horror experience for players. Whether it is dark and realistic gloomy graphics, or eerie frightening background sounds, it is as if the player is really in a large villa in the escape.

Not only that, in order to let players who have no experience in puzzle games or horror games can quickly grasp the gameplay, Granny also designed progressive difficulty settings to give players the most assistance. From practice mode, easy mode, normal mode to hard mode and extreme mode, the sensitivity and vigilance of the grandma that the player needs to avoid will become higher and higher as the difficulty increases, which means that the difficulty of the players’ operation and the complexity of the puzzle will also rise, giving the player a gradual and rich gaming experience.


Game Features

1. Granny creates a scary and frightening atmosphere and the setting of letting the player has been in fear of being caught by the villain of the state which maximizes the exercise of the players’ guts and stress resistance.

2. Granny’s minimalist dark graphics and eerily realistic atmosphere as well as deeply immersive background sound effects will plunge you right into a scary, tense setting as soon as you start to play it.

3. Granny has a wide variety of levels of difficulty for quite different types of players, making players both looking for intense excitement and eager to have a gradual exercise in their thinking easily find a place here.


Game Highlights

1. Although the player is in a tense and scary situation throughout the game, they are able to train their detailed observation skills to find tools and clues to escape.

2. In order to enhance the tense and exciting atmosphere of the game, Granny also designed the  setting that player must escape from the big house within 5 to 6 days, that is, the player only has 5 to 6 times to be caught by the evil granny, otherwise the challenge will fail.

3. Granny has depicted different success and failure outcomes for players who managed to survive by thinking in different ways and angles, greatly enriching the game experience and the sense of the unknown.



1. Granny can be played anywhere and anytime for a thrilling experience as it requires no internet connection to play.

2. Granny fully tests players’ observation ability, the ability to handle details, as well as the ability to judge and resist pressure, so Granny will be more than just an intense experience. 



The only disappointment was that the game occasionally failed to save progress or even crashed, forcing me to start over.


Game Review

As far as the actual experience goes, Granny cleverly combines the elements of a horror game and the brainy nature of puzzle games, creating a dark, immersive atmosphere while ensuring the puzzles remain logical and playable to the largest extent. Granny devised a series of logical but intellectually demanding puzzles designed to enhance the playability, with details such as spotting a key hidden in an obscure corner to unlock a closet lock.

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