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Toy Blast
Toy Blast
  • Updated:Jan 15, 2024
    Size:552.7 MB
    Developer:Peak Games
  • Updated:Jan 12, 2024
    Size:152 MB
    Developer:Peak Games

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Edit Notes for Toy Blast


Toy Blast is a fun casual puzzle game, which is the ultimate matching puzzle game with a unique magic and boost! Players should match two or more color blocks of the same color to complete the level and collect the toys there. But be careful! It is not easy to save all the toys, and you have a limited number of steps! So come and destroy the color blocks and enjoy this colorful adventure! And then the sweetest toys will drag you into the delightful world. You should crunch all the same colored blocks by using different props like brick explosions, charging props and more! If you are interested in Toy Blast, come and try it!


Game features

1. The gameplay is unique and simple, just click on the matching squares.

2. Many cute characters and toys to accompany your adventure.

3. More than 3500 puzzles, which is easy to learn but hard to master.

4. Lots of reinforcement props and powerful combos to help you solve the puzzle.

5. If you pass the levels, you can open the treasure box and win surprise rewards.

6. Join the legendary arena to compete with top players.

7. Compete with your friends and players from all over the world on the leaderboard.


Game highlights

1. Many special props can be used in the game, so that you can improve the elimination speed and then get a higher score.

2. The game operation difficulty is also increasing, players can continue to break through the levels to win higher bonus rewards.

3. With superb operation to complete a series of tasks to complete the mission, you can exchange points for prizes.

4. The game screen color is very simple, making players more comfortable.

5. Here you can also combine the colorful candies, which may bring you unexpected infinite combinations.

6. With multiple challenging level map and a variety of sweet painting style, it gives you visual enjoyment.



1. The game operation is simple, you can slide to knock down a variety of pillars.

2. It has simple and exquisite cartoon game graphics.

3. There is a variety of scenes of the game level waiting for players to challenge.

4. The game is more and more difficult, and constantly test the players' control ability.



1. It will update more regularly.

2. When you are stuck on a level, it gets boring.


Game review

This is a casual game with interesting gameplay, exquisite and powerful graphics. It is also easy to learn and very suitable for killing free time. At the same time, there are many game levels and various toys, you can get all kinds of items for free. Secondly, the game has a perfectly detailed leveling and game content, we need to complete the successive elimination by accurately linking various kinds of items to improve your level and get more rewards. Players need to arrange three squares of the same color to complete the elimination. After reaching the specified goal, they can pass the level and then move on. I recommend it to people who want to challenge the game.

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