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Royal Match
Royal Match

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Come along and play the elimination game! Royal Match is a super casual game where you can have an amazing adventure. The game features multiple levels with the same corresponding story in each room. Successfully pass the levels to get the game rewards which takes only a few minutes to complete. Data can be stored in one click which can let you play easily anytime, anywhere. In the royal tournament, players need to eliminate the same squares to win rewards to resurface the identity of the king, players are sent to participate in the tournament, need to defeat the other players to be a winner and finally rebuild the castle!


Game features

1. Players can choose the game rewards and different game modes in the Royal Match.

2. There are a lot of different game rooms and more wonderful game content which allows players to feel the awe-inspiring scenery.

3. There is colorful game scene design, unique gameplay content and interesting game operation mode.

4. The overall game operation is not particularly complicated. On the contrary, novice players can quickly understand the game after entering the game.


Game highlights

1. Open amazing treasure chests to win great rewards such as coins, boosters, and props!

2. Explore the new rooms in King Robert's home, the throne room, the magnificent gardens and many more exciting areas!

3. Decorate areas including the King's room, the kitchen, the garden, the garage and many other amazing rooms!

4. Challenge your friends on Facebook and reach the top of the leaderboard!



1. It has fast-paced game mode with randomly matched players for exciting matches.

2. Players will compete with their opponents in a fun-filled royal.

3. Super challenge levels waiting for you to break through, it has smooth and perfect action, you can enjoy the infinite fun of cool running.

4. With high-definition and bright graphics, a variety of colors are very wonderful.



The update speed is relatively fast, so that people are too late to adapt.


Game review

This is a very interesting casual game, the game's operation is simple and easy to learn, players will play with the king to rebuild the entire palace and constantly unlock more areas, you can follow your ideas to decorate.


At the same time, the overall art production is very delicate, it is extremely rich in content, players just enter the game when you can follow the different tasks required to familiarize themselves with the game training, the overall game operation is not particularly complex, on the contrary, the general new players into the game after understanding the game can quickly get started, if you want to get the game rewards inside the game or need a certain game operation and master some skills. It is recommended for players who like elimination games.

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