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Angry Birds Friends
Angry Birds Friends

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Want to recapture the joy of that popular slingshot game? Want to compete with your friends and challenge each other to see who’s the best in physics puzzle games? If so, then don’t miss the following game. Offered by Rovio Entertainment Corporation and released on May 2, 2013, Angry Birds Friends is the sixth sequel to the groundbreaking slingshot game Angry Birds, and is an equally exciting puzzle-solving physics casual cartoon-style game in which players will once again be tasked with using their slingshots to help birds with different skills shoot at and knock down a tower filled with plenty of evil pigs and to kill them. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Angry Birds Friends perfectly inherits the classic gameplay and controls of the first generation, allowing players to recapture the memories of slingshot games they were addicted to years ago and get started quickly. As you can see, if you are a loyal nostalgist of the Angry Birds series and have a fondness for physics-based puzzle games, then don’t miss Angry Birds Friends.

You may be wondering what the difference is between this sequel and the first generation. Well, what makes Angry Birds Friends stand out from other games in the same genre, or even in the same series, is that it is so social that players can exchange powerups with their friends and compete one-on-one to see who is the king of Angry Birds. The multiplayer frenemies’ mode of interaction makes what was originally an immersive single slingshot world much more playable and fun.

In addition, Angry Birds Friends promises to keep the game fresh with massive level updates and new tournaments every week. At the end of each week, the in-game leaderboard ranks players based on the total number of points earned from all the levels they played during the week, creating a healthy competition between players and their friends and making the game fully social.


Game Features

1. Angry Birds Friends offers players new levels and events every week, making their appetite for discovery and mystery unending.

2. As the name suggests, Angry Birds Friends is groundbreaking in allowing players to play against their friends in a variety of competitive tournaments or give each other props in order to win together.

3. At Angry Birds Friends, players can make full use of their physics skills and slingshot knowledge to win virtual currency and even physical rewards in numerous tournaments.


Game Highlights

1. Angry Birds Friends highlights the function to compete with millions of players around the world and the feature to compete and cooperate with friends, fully realizing the purpose of being a social game.

2. Angry Birds Friends is innovative in offering free powerups and birds with special powers to every player when solving puzzles at each level to facilitate a smooth game experience.



1. By playing Angry Birds Friends, players can greatly improve their basic physics knowledge such as parabola and strategy skills.

2. Angry Birds Friends also creates a more competitive atmosphere by showing players the total points they and all their friends on their friends’ list have scored in the past week.



Frustratingly, what used to be a smooth and reliable game environment became unstable at times, and frequent and lengthy ads made my experience intermittent.


Game Review

In terms of the practical gaming experience, Angry Birds Friends has its commendable aspects as well as its deficiencies that need to be enhanced. As the sixth sequel to the classic Angry Birds, Angry Birds Friends has done a great job of taking the best out of the worst, as it not only inherits the original’s simple but brain-burning slingshot gameplay and operation and the cute images of the positive and negative characters, but also innovatively adds competitive features so that players around the world can compete with each other with their years of honed slingshot skills. However, it is disappointing that Angry Birds Friends nowadays often crashes and the frequent appearance of advertisements leads to an extremely uncomfortable and unsmooth gaming experience.

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