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Hill Climb Racing
Hill Climb Racing
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  • Updated:Oct 21, 2022
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  • Updated:Dec 13, 2022
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Hill Climb Racing is a sports racing game developed by Fingersoft. September 2012 saw the release of the game. With just two keys, you can navigate the game's racing features and several tracks. The game involves the player controlling a car over a rocky mountain road. To prevent the automobile from rolling over, the player must maintain a firm handle on the throttle and brakes. Gold coins can be found along the road and utilized to modify the car that serves as the game's background as the player progresses. The game's engine is flawless, and it features enjoyable stages and cars. Players can update their car's engine, hover gadget, tires, and fuel. When upgrading the engine, players can also hear authentic roar sound effects.


Game Feature

1. They are waiting for you to explore and crack with roller coaster tracks, interplanetary space rails, and multi-class maps of wilderness cities.

2. Each stage has numerous levels that are thoughtfully created, gorgeous graphics, and fluid physics simulation elements that increase player enjoyment.

3. You can alter the vehicle's design to suit your tastes. Continue learning about the excellent game's content to discover more fun and engaging gameplay.

4. The function is rather straightforward; the throttle button is on the right, and the brake button is on the left. The throttle causes a natural acceleration to the ground.


Game Highlights

1. Offline Play - Play offline anytime, anywhere!

2. Carriers - Unlock over 29 carriers and choose the best one for your play style

3. Upgrades - Improve your vehicle's engine suspension tires and 4x4s

4. Driving - over 28 stages, almost endless

5. Optimization - plays well on high and low-resolution devices with minimal memory requirements

6. Garage mode - use custom parts to build and drive the vehicle of your dreams!

7. Vehicles - Climb mountains off-road motorcycles bikes monsters trucks tractors hippie vans single wheel quads tour buses racing police cars ambulances fire trucks snow mobile supercross and more!



1. It has 14 game environments (countryside, desert, arctic, and moon!)

2. Looks great on both low- and high-resolution devices (including tablets)

3. Realistic turbo sounds when upgrading the engine

4. You can share screenshots with friends



1. The upgrade procedure is monotonous, long, and unattractive

2. it has a high power consumption


Game Review

The game will be challenging with the distance out of the upgrade; players in the game earn the gold to buy new vehicles, new stages, and upgraded car parts. Players use the gas pedal and brake two buttons to control the speed and balance of the car.


The excellent thing is that the terrain under different levels is diverse; there are mountain roads, sand roads, ice roads, and so on. At the same time, it has true 2D visuals with a blue background. Players must carefully control the throttle and brakes since the rocky terrain is quite bumpy in order to prevent the automobile from flipping over. The car will slowly reduce the gasoline while driving, every distance there will be red gasoline replenishment, that is to say, the player as long as the car does not roll over and does not run out of gasoline to reach the next gasoline point, you can always go on infinitely. But the road conditions will get worse and worse. In addition, the game itself is very simple, the greater the difficulty, the greater the challenge. If you accidentally roll over the car, the level will be over.


The game will then keep track of the player's level and the greatest distance covered at each level. The bonus earned can then be exchanged for a new car inside the vehicle options, but since this is a small game, don't expect to have a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, such as a regular jeep, a big-wheel buggy, or a sports car that looks a little more potent. In order to improve the car's drive, bounce, balance, and ability to travel farther, players can also update the four main parts of the vehicle.

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