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Canabalt HD
Canabalt HD

OS: Android

Version: 3.0

Updated: November 21, 2014

Size: 14MB

Developer: Adam Saltsman

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Edit Notes

Just one button to escape the destruction of the city! "This "Bold Escape" platform game is simply beautiful and very simple."-Otaku

"It will take a while to find something simple and exciting." -World

"Canabalt is actually much more intense than you think you can play with just one finger." -GameSpy

Play any of the 8 new game modes with one or two players, break the roof with four different runners, or chase high scores in a classic futile competition to survive.

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Developer Notes

Adam Saltsman is an independent game developer. Many of his games have attracted a large number of players and have a huge impact. "Canabalt" brought him his first success, and this flash game was later ported to the mobile platform. In the past 18 months, he has produced a game called "Hunger Games: Girl on fire", a game called "Capsule", and an advertising game for American male care brand Old-Spice. And released the iOS version of "Hundreds"


Travel through a crashing city in a game that helps launch the infinite runner-up type. From gorgeous music to exploding windows, collapsed buildings are full of style and atmosphere. Even if it takes only one minute to survive, it requires instant reflection and a lot of luck. This epic game is perfectly perfect.

Popular game Minecraft.


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