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Survivalcraft is a survival game developed by Candy Rufus Games and released on November 16, 2011. In this game, the player takes on the role of a man stranded on a deserted island and needs to explore, mine minerals, research crafts and weapons, use traps, etc. to protect himself, build farmland, build a shelter to rest at night (to keep warm in the extreme cold, etc.), make clothes and armor to increase defense or speed, make cotton clothes and hats to keep warm in the extreme cold. The player can switch between first-person and third-person views simultaneously.


At the same time, Survivalcraft adopts pixel style graphic of Minecraft, and has high freedom of game operation, players can create their own world as their wish, of course, you can also play against a variety of animals in the game, looking for ways to survive. Here you can plant trees, build houses, breed animals, transform the environment, and may meet many unexpected events, such as werewolf attacks, various natural disasters and so on. In short, use your imagination and hands to create your own dream kingdom.


Game features

1. It has free development of the game mode, you can do it yourself to build a desert island.

2. In the game, all you need to do is to use all the materials you can collect to make the props you need to use in life.


Game highlights

The biggest highlight of this game is that you cannot predict the outcome of the game, because all events are random, you cannot predict what will happen next, maybe the planted crops will encounter a drought and then all of it is wasted, maybe you just built a house was struck by lightning. This randomness can bring a very great sense of excitement, people will always be curious because of ignorance, and it has become a common pleasure for many players.



1. The game has challenging aspects that make it very interesting

2. This game is fantastic, no ads, you don't need the internet.



1. Some materials are hard to get.

2. The distance of the blocks is too short.

3. There are some glitches and bugs


Game review

Survivalcraft is a survival game, compared to Minecraft, which focuses on building and exploring while also taking into account survival, and both of which are well represented in the survival mode. Survivalcraft is more oriented towards real survival, for example, the game is set on a deserted island and you need to persevere to survive, the game's flora and fauna and game mechanics are also set more towards the real world. Both games have circuit systems, but Minecraft's circuitry consists of just a few simple circuit components that you need to combine to create a variety of mechanical devices or circuit modules with different functions. Survivalcraft’s circuit is more integrated, with a few easy steps to create such as LED displays, memory sticks, and more components. Regardless of all this, players can still use this system to decorate and renovate their homes to enrich their production and life. Imagine how proud it would be to have a brightly lit home on a deserted island!

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