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Dead Cells
Dead Cells
  • Updated:Dec 18, 2023
    Size:2 GB
  • Updated:Dec 15, 2023
    Size:720 MB

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Edit Notes for Dead Cells


Dead Cells is an indie game in the style of Galactic Castlevania by the French developer Motion Twin. This game is based on the Metroidvania blend of roguelike. And therefore, its biggest feature and also a disadvantage is that it has no archive checkpoint, once the player dies, you need to start from scratch and face a whole new challenge from the beginning. At the same time, Dead cells is a post-apocalyptic theme, where a few survivors face a constant influx of zombies. The first thing you need to do is put aside the complexities of trust or betrayal. In this game, you and your partner will build a more solid fortress, and to light a campfire together, and raise weapons to destroy the zombies, players can defeat monsters to get a variety of different props items, and also be able to upgrade many skills, although all of this is consistent with the general doomsday theme, but the difference is that the game contains many intriguing elements, players not only need to resist the many enemies, but also to guard against the betrayal of teammates at all times. In addition, every time the player unlocks a new level, they will face a more powerful boss.


Game features

1. A variety of difficulty options, winding game maps, secret missions open, super weapons and equipment waiting for masters.

2. Operation is the most important feature of the game. If you think you are a handicapped player, then this game may not be for you.

3. Click to choose different skills, change your mode of operation, jump and dodge quickly in front of monsters, and seize the opportunity to destroy all enemies.


Game highlights

1. The game screen of this game chooses the 3D design style setting interface, pixel style character settings. The main performance of the overall interface is great.

2. The body cells obtained from combat can be used for special weapons and equipment and their working ability to strengthen the skill points.

3. Combat system is relatively very simple, the pre-system is not easy to show positive professional skills, which can only be obtained in the course of the game.



1. A pixel-based game with extremely good graphics performance and operation.

2. The crisp kills can make people get used to the game quickly and immerse themselves in the rhythm of the game quickly.



1. But gameplay and change of depth is slightly lacking

2. The game balance still needs to be strengthened.


Game review

Dead cells is a very fun action adventure game. The game uses 2D horizontal pixel graphics, which also has a very exciting original plot and art graphics, to bring players a very exciting game experience, and with a very smooth combat feel, so that players can enjoy the experience to the fullest sense of battle. In the game, players need to control their characters to fight constantly, and you have to keep defeating enemies to unlock more levels. This game is also similar to the Galaxy Warrior Demon game, in which players can experience the fun of exploration, there is a very rich and interesting combat experience, such as non-linear process, hidden rooms and other various ways to play.

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