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High Heels
High Heels
  • Updated:Dec 9, 2022
    Size:295.9 MB
    Developer:Zynga Inc.
  • Updated:Nov 30, 2022
    Size:200 MB
    Developer:Zynga Inc.

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Edit Notes for High Heels


High Heels! is a casual game based on the fashion show launched by foreign company Rollic Games. In the game, players take on the role of a fashion model wearing high heels as they navigate obstacles in a variety of settings and show-related atmospheres while showcasing their fashion avant-garde visual feast to the audience. Players get a new gaming experience thanks to well-known scenery, engaging action, and straightforward controls.


"High Heels!" is extremely similar to the once well-liked action casual game "Sky Roller" in terms of gameplay and aesthetics. The biggest difference between the two is the player in the game using different props; the former is wearing high heels through the pieces, while the latter with roller skates to show strength. Character modeling, scene construction, level obstacles, game play, and many other aspects have similarities. Additionally, "High Heels!" gives players the option to advance inside a level, adding to the game's enjoyment.


In addition, the gameplay of "High Heels!" is more engaging. In the game's levels, players control a woman wearing high heels and must, on the one hand, use the collected high heels to overcome obstacles; on the other hand, they must also collect enough high heels to receive a higher score multiplier at the level's bottom. Only the best players are allowed to walk down that fashionable catwalk. With more than 100,000 installs and content categorized as acceptable for everyone, "High Heels!" is currently placed No. 10 on the Google Play Store official app store free game hit list. It has received more than 3,300 reviews and a rating of 4.1.


Game Feature

1. When faced with a range of various barriers and traps, you should never be too careful—just have a firm enough grip of timing to make the experience more enjoyable.

2. When you complete a level, you can obtain a portion of the benefits from the game, which are ideal for enabling you to purchase several various props.

3. The operation of the game is quite simple to begin playing without requiring any complicated skills, and the art style is also very striking.


Game Highlights

1. You can design and finish our challenges while wearing your favorite attire, which everyone has.

2. The first step in completing the game more effectively is to quickly get used to the high heels stumbling pace.

3. To order to succeed in the task, you must master the high heels' stumbling rhythm.



1. Different methods of operation, more thrilling difficulties, and increased fun.

2. To successfully complete the level with a finite amount of stilts, players must control the character and employ their parkour skills!



1. The repetition of the same level and a lack of creative levels. 

2. Every ten rounds, there could be one or two advertisements.


Game Review

Bright and rich vistas, genuine three-dimensional shapes, true and delicate action effects, and an initially straightforward but enchanted gaming experience are components that can give players enduring game enjoyment. "High Heels!" is a really intriguing and challenging game that can provide players with a full challenge process and enjoyment, based on true experience. You can experience the excitement of being a woman in a laid-back and informal game with the help of pricey bags, angel wings, and a range of high heel designs, and you can flaunt your slender shape and shiny heels to everyone at the bottom of the level. If you enjoy playing action-based casual games and enjoy collecting various high heels, do not miss "High Heels!

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