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Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run
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  • Updated:Dec 20, 2023
    Size:210.1 MB
  • Updated:Dec 12, 2023
    Size:85 MB

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Edit Notes for Super Mario Run


Super Mario Run is a parkour game. As a pure parkour game, this game contains various contents of traditional Mario games (having gold coins, stepping on mushrooms, etc.), but players do not need to control Mario to run, but only need to jump.


At the same time, Super Mario Run contains a total of 6 levels, 24 small levels and 3 hidden levels, as if showing us the level design ability with a relaxed gesture. This ability contains two aspects, one is to guide through the level to influence the player to contact and familiar with the game, and the second is through moving the location of the gold coins.


In the goal setting, the game provides each level with increasing difficulty collection elements, respectively pink, purple and black gold coins, and only once all the gold coins of a certain color collection game will open the next difficulty for the challenge. And restarting a brand new difficulty only requires adjusting the position of the next color coins.


Game Feature

1. Player characters will be added

After completing level 6-4, Princess Brigitte will be added as a player character, or you can use it as a player character after setting up Luigi, Yoshi and Chinobik's home in the kingdom.


2. Open all levels of the world tour

You can challenge 6 worlds with a total of 24 levels. More exciting and fulfilling levels are waiting for you to challenge.


Game Highlights

1. The buildings and decorations for building the kingdom will be increased

The variety of buildings that can be exchanged for gold coins will be increased, making your kingdom more lively.


2. The number of levels of Chinobio Rally will be increased.

There will be 7 new types of levels in the original plains, and the Chinobio Rally will bring more fun.



1. Highly restored the childhood impression of the cute Mario image, in addition it also adds a lot of new ways to play.

2. 10,000 people come together to challenge at will. And there are multiple scenes map for you to switch.

3. Through a number of wonderful and exciting levels, which brings you an incomparable thrill, bloodthirsty car adventure thrill.



1. Higher difficulty and more expensive price: Super Mario Run is a typical game that is easy to start and hard to master, if you don't have any pursuit and simply collect gold coins, the overall game will be mediocre, but if you have a little pursuit, you will find the whole game immediately ridiculously difficult.

2. Free experience is a little short: It is not enough to let some players experience the fun of Super Mario Run .


Game Review

As Nintendo's own mobile game, although "Super Mario Run" does not have the shocking scenes of the 3A action, there is no shortage of relaxing, casual classic scenes, maintaining the background and design style that has always characterized the Super Mario series, even for first-time players are also very friendly. It is recommended for players who like parkour game.

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