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Epic Seven
Epic Seven
  • Updated:Aug 17, 2023
    Size:114.3 MB
    Developer:Smillage, Inc.
  • Updated:Aug 14, 2023
    Size:85 MB
    Developer:Smillage, Inc.

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Edit Notes for Epic Seven


Epic Seven is an RPG battle game that features turn-based battles with many distinctive combat gameplay elements to give players a unique gaming experience, with the three main highlights of the game being the unknown, the adventure, and the grandeur to show the game's differences.

At the same time, the game has a large number of levels for you, the magnificent world view can bring you the most immersive sense, there are many heroes with extraordinary skills waiting for you, you can explore the world's unknown secrets and enjoy yourself on the ultimate fantasy! In this game, players will follow the development of the plot and pursuit the answer to all kinds of questions.


Game features

1. It has simple control mode which is suitable for all ages of players, and the excellent game engine will bring you a more realistic battlefield.

2. The rich character development mode allows you to summon more powerful heroes, and each hero has different ultimate moves.

3. The original story plot and mission allow you to understand the game's background story.

4. In addition to the main plot that leads players deep into the game's worldview and story background, there are various levels for players to explore freely.

5. The high freedom of character development allows you to create an exclusive lineup.


Game highlights

1. Deep into the game world, you can play with the most gorgeous battle effects and the most smooth operation feel.

2. It has a new story plot, which shows the most exciting strengthening, and then you can break through the limits and develop your hero character.

3. The new engine production screen, which is equipped with a variety of equipment, the most magnificent adventure waiting for you to join.

4. The game's transitional animation using Japanese hand-drawn animation, whether it is the battle screen or transitional animation are quite gorgeous.

5. Find partners to join your team and grow the strength of your team so that all of them can show their abilities.



1. There are many animation effects.

2. Compared to similar games, it has more interesting nurturing gameplay.



1. No guaranteed unified card pool

2. Fun to raise but too demanding


Game review

The highlight of this game, in addition to the character animation performance, its game engine can provide players with the most gorgeous and exciting animation battle performance. There is a variety of game content allowing players to enjoy the most magnificent and gorgeous battle and adventure in this game!


As probably the first game to make the entire game into an animated CG, Epic Seven undoubtedly has the most unique and gorgeous game visual effects on the market today, the plot-driven gameplay also makes the game quite impressive, if the players recently could not find any fun card game or turn-based hand game, then highly recommend you this game. The whole game play is closely related to the plot, there is the corresponding plot introduction if players want to finish a material task which may seem insignificant, but it is such small details make the game immersion more excellent. So if you are interested in Epic Seven, come and experience it!

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