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  • Updated:Aug 8, 2022
    Size:254.7 MB
    Developer:Lowtech Studios
  • Updated:Sep 11, 2022
    Developer:Lowtech Studios

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Edit Notes for Snake.io


Snake.io is a puzzle dodge game with a nine-gallery background. In order to make your snake bigger, all you have to do is let your character keep eating smaller opponents than you, and you had better to hide far away from the big boss! The players of this game are remarkably similar to the classic snake game. In the game, players will take on the form of a snake made of dots and make themselves stronger by eating others or surrounding dots in the game! The task of the game players in time to control their little snake in the magical world to swallow all kinds of energy, and thus increase their length, but in the process of adventure players need to beware of other players, if your snake collided with a higher level than you snake, then you will lose the game.


Game features

1. Rampage against the odds, small snakes turn over

The big snake no longer dominates the world forever, it will be shocking that the small snake will rebel in the snake battle!

2. Never get bored after playing this game

The world channel real-time friendship chat joyful, and there are many players together at any time to hack!

3. Cute and lovely skin

Super fresh painting style and a vast selection of small snake skins all open for you to choose!

4. Real-time warfare

Real-time watch the battle of the gods snake, front row to watch the high score of the game.


Game highlights

1. The battle can be reversed at any time with the smaller ones. The big snakes no longer have a dominant position, the little snakes are more flexible, and the battle can be reversed at any time!

2. Simple and fun, a game for all ages. No matter what age, what gender, what occupation, as long as you simply play it on the screen, you can find the game to be full of fun!

3. Combat skills, strategy is also very important! Rapid overtaking to intercept the head of the snake, sharply stop and dump the head to grab the road.



1. There is no internet lag, and you can play this game smoothly at any device.

2. It has smooth virtual joystick control.

3. Challenge the world record for the longest snake.

4. Consume your mass to sprint.

5. No need to connect to the Internet, you can play it offline/online.



1. The scenes are too homogeneous and prone to mental fatigue.

2. You actually have to watch more than 30 seconds of ads after each round (and sometimes before and after).


Game review

This is a super fun casual game that not only competes with your hand speed, but also tests your strategy! In the world of Snake Battle, everyone starts out as a small snake and grows longer and longer through continuous efforts to become the top ranked snake in the snacking list. This game inherits the classic gameplay with beautiful graphics and interesting snake shape. In addition, the classic basis is added more elements to make the game more interesting. Here you can play with countless network players, where you can experience not only the longer and bigger snake, but also a lot of rich teamwork, individual skills, let your superior skills to make opponents tremble!

Promotional Video/Screenshot

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