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Legend of Slime
Legend of Slime
  • Updated:Jan 25, 2024
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  • Updated:Jan 24, 2024
    Size:255.2 MB

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Legend of Slime: Idle RPG War is an idle role-playing game created by developer LoadComplete. In this game, players will take on the role of a brave Slime character, explore various dungeons and fight various enemies. Players can upgrade equipment and skills, collect resources and characters, form strong teams, participate in battles and complete various missions.


The game has a rich variety of battle scenarios and enemy types. You will face powerful enemies such as monsters, magicians and dragons. Gain experience and rewards through combat, increase the level of your character and legion, and unlock more skills and maps. Legend of Slime: Idle RPG War also features social interaction. You can form guilds with other players to challenge strong enemies and complete team missions. Communicate and cooperate with other players, share combat tips and strategies, and build a strong legion together. The cute Slime image in the game is beautifully designed, the picture is delicate, and people are immersed in it. At the same time, the game also offers a wealth of personalization options, allowing you to customize the look and equipment of Slime, showing off your unique style.


Game Features

1. Idle hang-up gameplay: Legend of Slime: Idle RPG War uses idle hang-up gameplay, where characters automatically fight and collect resources without the player having to keep playing. This type of play is suitable for players who like to relax and relaxed experience, providing them with uninterrupted fun.

2. Character growth and equipment upgrades: Players can constantly strengthen their characters and teams by collecting characters and equipment. By upgrading equipment, improving skills and unlocking new skill effects, players can create powerful combat powers to tackle more difficult challenges.


Game Highlights

1. Easy to use gameplay: Legend of Slime: Idle RPG War has easy to use gameplay and is suitable for all types of players. Novice players can quickly pick up and enjoy the game, while there is room to dig deeper into the cultivation system for experienced players to explore.

2. Rich and varied combat system: The game offers a variety of combat scenarios and enemy types, and players can try different character combinations and strategic fighting methods. The skill special effects and animation design in the battle process are exquisite, which increases the visual enjoyment of the game and the fun of fighting.



Due to the use of idle hang-up play, the game rhythm is fast, and players can play in fragmented time. At the same time, players can challenge more difficult levels and replicas at any time, and experience more exciting and challenging game content.



There are relatively few quests and copy types in the game, which can lead to a certain amount of fatigue during a long game. The lack of fresh quests and challenges may affect the long-term appeal of the game.


Game Review

The game adopts the type of placement role playing, incorporating action adventure elements. The game provides a rich equipment system, hundreds of weapons, defenses are divided into a number of different levels. Players can acquire and equip these devices through the call (lottery) function, and they can also enhance their abilities by strengthening their base attributes.


In addition to the basic numerical cultivation, there are equipment, skills, companions and other systems can be unlocked. These systems not only provide stat bonuses, but also a "possession effect" bonus, which means that the more equipment, skills, and companions you have, the more stat plus achievements you passively gain. In addition, the game provides multiple ways to obtain resources on a daily basis, such as boss charges, gold copies, and village sweeps. Access to these copies requires a key to be consumed each time, which can be accessed for free once by watching an advertisement when the key is insufficient. In addition to combat, there is a mining side play, which increases the fun of the game.


Overall, Legend of Slime: Idle RPG War is a highly enjoyable placement role-playing game for those who like adventure and challenge.

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