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Halloween Farm: Monster Family
Halloween Farm: Monster Family
  • Updated:Sep 28, 2023
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  • Updated:Sep 27, 2023
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Edit Notes for Halloween Farm: Monster Family


Monster Farm Family Halloween is a farm game that lets you have fun harvesting weird things in a horror mansion. Players will plant a variety of plants needed for Halloween in the village, buy items needed for Halloween, make the required clothes, and dress up as a variety of scary characters to scare people on Halloween. Players can build their own homes and design various interesting models in the game. Different seeds have a new appearance, players can freely cultivate.


Game features

1. Use the dozens of different desserts made by the harvest, players can make cookies, chocolate, lollipops and other food, children like these desserts, they will all come to your home.

2. Sell your produced goods to the citizens and neighboring areas, such as Route 66 ghost town and other areas, which is a great business opportunity to make money.

3. All kinds of monsters are very happy to help players to create a variety of different super farm monsters, there are spiders, werewolves, ghosts, etc., for them to make super fashionable costumes and hold a super scary party.

4. Tending a garden is undoubtedly the best way to spend your free time.

5. Enjoy and manage your monster farm!

6. Grow a variety of magic crops: spooky hay, pumpkin jack, ghost mushrooms or mandrake!


Game highlights

1. Players need to make different desserts to meet the needs of different guests, experience the fun of planting, feel the different happiness, different farm theme has a different game experience.

2. There are a large number of thematic activities, as long as the player can participate in them to receive rewards, the game has a special number of magic crops.

3. To collect more gold coins, unlock more different kinds and make a variety of delicious food to share with the children.



1. The level mode is very rich, which has casual and interesting gameplay.

2. Make different desserts to meet the needs of different guests.

3. The picture production is very delicate and exquisite, the color matching is very in place.

4. Different farm themes have different game experiences.


1. Once you play for a long time, your produce storage space will be seriously low, while it will force you to spend money.

2. When you enter the game, it can be a little slow and they constantly stay in the game purchase.


Game review

Monster Farm Family Halloween is a simulation game about Halloween, players can quickly start this game about Halloween-related activities, and experience a different Halloween. In the game, players need to take care of different gardens, enjoy managing your monster farm. At the same time, the game has a variety of different magic crops, pumpkin jack, or mandrake, you will have a different harvest each day.


In addition, it uses a cute 3D cartoon style and simulates a variety of ghost village process. Thus, the game has a colorful management content which is waiting for players to experience. Do you want to experience designing a frightening costume around Halloween? Are you interested in Monster Farm Family Halloween? Let’s come and experience it.

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