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Paper Fold
Paper Fold
  • Updated:Jan 10, 2024
    Size:315.2 MB
    Developer:Good Job Games
  • Updated:Jan 16, 2024
    Size:Varies with device
    Developer:Good Job Games

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Edit Notes for Paper Fold


Paper Fold is an origami puzzle game by the foreign game company Good Job Games. The game is divided into stages, and each level offers a number of various picture types. Players are instructed to fold the photos in a specific order so that they can build a complete pattern. Players will have a stress-free, easygoing, and entertaining playing experience because to the game's straightforward operation and engaging gameplay. The easy and engaging game Paper Fold can help players gain better visual identification, memory, logical reasoning, and other skills. Players may view the various shapes of each component as they are folded, but in order to follow the proper origami order and ultimately obtain the whole visuals, they must have a thorough understanding of the exact contents of each component and how they relate to one another.


At the same time, Paper Fold is both simple and complex. It is simple because all players need to do to play is click on the part that needs to be folded to finish the operation. It is complex because the game's decision-making process, which involves judging and choosing the origami order, is what fascinates players the most. The most crucial aspect of the game will be learning how to rapidly and precisely fold paper to finish the pattern in the level.


With more than 100,000 installs and content rated as acceptable for everybody, "Paper Fold" is currently placed No. 4 on the Google Play free game hit list. It has received 3,000 reviews and 4.6 ratings.


Game Feature

1. There are many various origami challenge levels available for you to pick from, making the content of your challenge more varied and allowing you to achieve more varied gains.

2. You can achieve tremendous success by folding many designs; each pattern is exquisite, and players can select any level of origami complexity.

3. When faced with a variety of different origami problems, you can first master various origami skills, allowing you to perform certain jobs and open up other gameplay options.


Game Highlights

1. Although not particularly challenging, Paper Fold substantially tests the player's capacity for thought.

2. To properly complete the assignment, players must find and solve all of the stages and challenges in the Paper Fold.

3. You can select from a variety of scenes to minimize visual monotony and to keep things interesting.



1. There are many different game levels ready for you to experience, making this game incredibly playable. Each level is playable by the player by folding paper.

2. The game has no restrictions and can be played whenever and anywhere.

3. Contains a complete graphic, but players can also win hefty game prizes. The player can freely navigate through hundreds of icons to kill time.



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Game Review

Paper Fold is a fairly straightforward game, but the level's pattern is highly intricate. In addition to solid colors, the game's backdrop offers a variety of diverse patterns and styles, which lessens the effects of aesthetic weariness brought on by a single background. However, each level of the game offers a cute, lifelike, and genuine shape to animals, plants, or other stuff. This rich theme increases players' curiosity about what will be there at the following level. "Paper Fold" provides a clear benefit for players' memory, identification skills, and logical reasoning based on experience. You can only accurately determine the order of each item and ultimately fold the right pattern if you have a thorough comprehension of the parts that need to be folded. Please do not easily miss this "Paper Fold" if you enjoy puzzle-style hand games, and origami, want to test your memory and want to improve your logical thinking skills.

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