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Clue: The Classic Mystery Game
Clue: The Classic Mystery Game

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The remaining twelve cards are assigned to the players' hands, and the players can filter out the evidence cards in their hands according to the existing clue cards in their hands, and then one of the players who dealt the cards first asks a question to the right-hand player, asking the question of who committed the crime in this case? The question is: Who committed the murder and where? The question must contain two elements, either in the same category or in different categories. If the clue card contains the element in the question, you need to show the card to the player who asked the question, if you have two cards in the question element at the same time, you only need to show one of your choice, if you don't have both cards, you need to answer "I can't help you", the answer must be honest. Each player can get the information they need while asking, answering or waiting. When a player has already deduced the three elements of the case, the player can make an accusation before he or she asks a question, put his or her three evidence cards as the answer cover on the table, go alone to check the three cards under the crime card, if correct, the game is over and the player is declared the winner, otherwise the player is declared the loser, and the clue cards in the player's hand are disclosed, and the rest of the players continue the game after obtaining information.


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Clue: The Classic Mystery Game is a graphic game, and a classic mystery game! -- A magnificent mansion ...... A dastardly murder ...... Suspect characters gather together.

The game is set in a mansion in England, and the graphic board is a floor plan of room locations. You will play as a character, the guest of the mansion. The owner of the building, Dr. Black, has been found murdered.

The players are all suspects. The first player to find the murderer, the murder weapon and the room where the murder was committed wins immediately.

The much-loved Hasbro family board game can be played on the go.

Join Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Lady Peacock, Reverend Green, Dr. Orchid and Professor Plum in a night of murder and mystery at Tudor House.

Make wise deductions and solve the crime first!


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