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War and Order
War and Order

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War and Order is a medieval magic war theme game which is launched by Camel Games with RTS and SLG gameplay. War and Order pays great attention to the interaction between players, after the player alliance, you can make building upgrades, technology upgrades, army recruitment more quickly through mutual assistance of allies. This increases the mutual knowledge between players to a certain extent, and can better reach a good alliance relationship, which is very helpful for the alliance hegemony in the late game.


The composition of the army includes infantry, cavalry, archers, mages and other professions, and have a certain relationship with each other. In the process of army attack, you can also realize the assist between players, while the battle time can be constantly increased reinforcements, which makes the battle has more changes in the situation.


Game features

1. Type of mission

Attack enemy castles, plunder their resources, and achieve the honor of a higher name in the power rankings! Conquer monsters roaming the world map, from evil sprinklers to roaring dragons, and acquire treasures that can boost your strength.


2. Empire Development

Taking over a royal city can bring you unheard of power and resources! You need to develop your alliances, more allies and larger territories will put you in good stead in battle!


3. Battle Style

Engage in real-time PVP battles on a huge world map! Expand alliance territory and annex evil monster territories and enemy castles.


4. Alliance Battles

Fight with allies in the game and chat in real time with players from all over the world. And then you can share a variety of alliance technology effects and battle victories with the entire alliance!


Game highlights

1. It adopts the server setting of the same global service. Here you can compete for the throne with players from all over the world and dominate the game. No need to worry about tactical communication, because it has instant translation.

2. In the new gameplay, we can throw unlimited reinforcements to the battlefield during the battle time until one of the troops is wiped out or retreats.



1. It has 3D extreme graphics.

2. The global service, so you can enjoy the instant translation.

3. It has the first instant tactical gameplay strategy.



1. This game lacks diversity

2. The game is more ordinary in terms of the production of special effects


Game review

Next, I will review the game from three aspects: game graphics, game operation, and game play.


As for the game graphics, War and Order is developed by unity3D, so the basic quality of the picture is still guaranteed, but the special effects production is more ordinary, such as the first castle special effects.


In terms of game operation, it is very simple, but the players are not simply between the value of the battle, but will give the battle a certain process, so that players can retreat according to their actual situation.


In terms of gameplay, the most basic gameplay of War and Order is the inheritance of SLG gameplay, players can build castles, collect support for the development of science and technology, the formation of the army, so that fight with the world's players.


Overall, War and Order is indeed a good SLG game, in which the war between multiple countries can be said to be the highlight of the game. If you are interested in strategy, come and enjoy War and Order!

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