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Papa's Mocharia To Go!
Papa's Mocharia To Go!

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In Papa’s Mocharia, you will play a barista and a major role in an on-year-long documentary. The new coffeehouse is located in New Pepperton and offers customers a variety of novel coffee drinks. Your task is to make tasty coffee drinks under the gazes of crew members. To make the coffee, you need to first all brew espresso, then you are supposed to steam and froth milk, and finally, craft coffee drinks for your customers. Seasonal coffee will be provided during different holidays and there are always new ingredients waiting for you to unlock. As you keep on playing the game, you can obtain daily special recipes for coffee drinks.


Game Features

1. Make coffee drinks based on real methods. In the game, players can learn the steps of making coffee drinks and the implementation of coffee machines. You can also create layered coffee with powders and syrups.

2. Cook cannoli. To meet with customers’ request of cannoli according to the coffee drink that they order, you need to craft custom cannoli with a variety of shell choices, manage to nozzle it with the fullest cream, and decorate the cannoli with toppings.

3. Customize coffee drinks depending on the change of holidays. During special seasons like holidays, you are supposed to make holiday-spirit drinks with unlocked ingredients like powders, syrups, creams, etc.

4. Earn special recipes. You can earn special recipes by serving your customers with bonuses.

5. Choose staff. You can either choose to play preset characters of the game or create your customized characters as your staff in the coffeehouse. Moreover, you can dress your workers up with special costumes for holidays.

6. Deliver the food to your customers. In certain cases, food delivery services are required, and you need to negotiate the details of the order and hire a delivery man to send the ordered food to the customers.

7. Collect stickers as task rewards. Upon fining a task, you can collect a sticker for your sticker collection.

8. Customize the inner decoration of the coffeehouse. You are allowed to decorate the lobby with furniture and other elements in your preferred style.


Game Highlights

1. Experience being a barista to make cook drinks and make cannoli in person.

2. Challenge multiple tasks of coffee making, milk steaming, and cannoli crafting.

3. Able to customize coffeehouse staff.

4. Unlock 12-holiday specials with new ingredients.

5. Learn 40 recipes yet to unlock.

6. Collect 90 stickers yet to earn.

7. Serve 135 customers with special orders.

8. Barter new dresses for customers with stickers.

9. Unlock new 124 ingredients.



1. A variety of choices to make

The game offers players multiple options to choose from in terms of the ingredients, outfits, staff, decorations, etc.

2. A variety of hidden elements to unlock

Players can keep entertained by the game through the experience of unlocking various elements of ingredients, stickers, recipes, and so on.

3. Learn how to make coffee drinks

Players can learn knowledge of coffee making.



1. In-game purchase

The game allows players to make an in-game purchase that might result in children’s irrational purchases without parents’ consent.

2. Complicated coffee-making procedures

The orders might be way too complicated for players to master. The multi-task gameplay and the impatient customers make the game even more difficult.


Game Review

Papa’s Mocharia to go is a fun and challenging game for players. It is a good way for coffee lovers to learn how to make coffee and it practices the multi-task managing ability of players. The game offers great freedom for players to customize their gameplay experience. Regardless of the complicated procedures, it is indeed an interesting game.

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