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  • Updated:Feb 18, 2020
    Size:446.94 MB
    Developer:Electronic Arts
  • Updated:February 18, 2020
    Developer:Electronic Arts

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NBA JAM is a basketball game designed and developed by EA Sports. It features NBA superstars from 30 NBA teams in arcade mode. To download the game, you need to make sure that your devices have connected to Wi-Fi and it requires 300 MB of storage. There are altogether 4 modes in the game, namely, Play Now, Classic Campaign, Local Multiplayer, and Online Multiplayer. The details of the four modes will be illustrated in the game features section. You can experience a 90s vibe in the game playing classic arcades with the voice played by former NBA announcer Tim Kitzrow and nostalgic catchphrases. The game is available on both Android and iOS app stores.


Game Features

1. Mode One--Play Now: You can choose NBA stars as your team members and start a game at once.

2. Mode Two--Classic Campaign: You can play the game in a conventional way, which means that you need to compete with all other teams to enter the final game to win. Meanwhile, during the process, you can unlock various elements of legendary basketball players and cheats.

3. Mode Three--Local Multiplayer: You can play the game with your friends via Bluetooth or a local internet connection.

4. Mode Four: You can play with others online via Google+. In this case, you need to update your game to the latest version.


Game Highlights

1. Sync your game progress with your account

By syncing your game achievements via your Google+ account, you can rest assured that you will never lose your game data, being able to keep up with the progress on any devices only if you log in to your account.

2. Able to play the game on TV

You can not only play the game on mobile devices with small screens but also enjoy the game on Android TV with big screens. To play the game on TV, you need to prepare a compatible pad.

3. Unlock secret players only on iOS

By playing the game on iOS, you can unlock legendary and hidden NBA players including Karl Malone, Danny Manning, Scottie Pippen, etc.

4. Able to purchase features instantly

If you can’t wait to unlock features for every level, you can directly attain the features by making in-game purchasing.

5. Able to choose from two types of control modes

On the iOS system of iPhone or iPod, you can choose whether you want to play the game with a D-Pad control scheme or Gesture-based scheme.



1. Multiple options

In the game, you are allowed to make choices from a variety of NBA players, game modes, and control systems.

2. Excellent design

The game provides players with wonderful visual experiences by optimizing the interface and the actions of players.

3. Sync progress to any devices

By logging in to your Google+ account, players can keep up with their gameplay progress on any device.



1. Outdated content

Most of the content is from the past. The game should update itself to keep up with the time.

2. Unable to make some changes

Players are unable to trade their team players and play as a coach for different teams.

3. Unreasonable rating of NBA players

Some of the famous and capable players are unfairly rated with a score lower than players’ expectations.


Game Review

NBA JAM is an excellent simulation game offering players a chance to experience the real vibe of the NBA basketball game in the 90s. Despite some flaws, it is well-recognized by most players of the game. It provides players a variety of choices in terms of the player characters, gameplay modes, control systems, and so on. By playing the game on TV, you can have an amazing experience.

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