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Slotomania™ Casino Slots Games
Slotomania™ Casino Slots Games
  • Updated:Jan 15, 2024
    Size:413 MB
    Developer:Playtika LTD
  • Updated:Jan 15, 2024
    Developer:Playtika LTD

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Playtika is a company that uses artificial intelligence technology to transform games with a core technology barrier. Founded in 2010 by Robert Antokol (Playtika CEO) and Uri Shahak, Playtika is headquartered is in Israel, which has employed over 1,300 people worldwide, and focuses on social gaming games.


Playtika has a globally unique business model. The company also has made several games, its expertise in M&A integration, through technical means to significantly improve the revenue and profit of the acquired party.


Slotomania Casino Slots Games was launched in 2012. From the game's graphics and system, it doesn't find that previous game's vicissitudes. The quality of the game can still keep up with the times, the gameplay is diverse and has been able to keep up with the competitiveness of the market, and it is a very highly rated game, with a Google Play score of 4.4 and more than 1.89 million user comments and messages, which is currently the game with the most user comments in the Casino category.


Game features

1. Players can freely choose the game mode they want to play so that they can choose he game mode they like according to their own experience.

2. It has a simple user interface so you can easily enjoy the game.


Game highlights

1. If you complete some tasks, you will get more coins, so you can play this game for free.

2. It is a specially designed and built online game with various simple and easy coin rewards.



1. It's fun to play all the different themed slots.

2. There are many different options to choose to play and prizes to enjoy.



1. When dividends eventually occur, there is often no return.

2. It takes a long time to win the first box.


Game review

Slotomania Casino Slots Games is also quite simple, but the betting scale of this game is a bit more crazy than the ordinary slot machines. There are a total of “N” lines, and each line can throw 0.1-20 bets, and the number of this line is subject to change for different levels. After winning the lottery, it can be said that it is the gambler's greatest thrill. Since the point of playing this game is for it to be exciting, remember that luck and risk go hand in hand.


And the game's levels are in the middle of the main screen, the game currently opens ninety-six small levels, in addition to the first three levels, the other levels are required to beat the previous level to unlock and open it, while in order to reduce the size of the game. In addition to the first level, all other levels need to be downloaded online again to enter the game.


If you like slots and like to challenge yourself, then try the game "Slotomania Casino Slots Games", which will allow you to fully enjoy a slots experience.

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