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DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots
DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots

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DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots is a Las Vegas casino games launched on Facebook by DoubleDown Interactive in the spring of 2010. Currently, DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots is a popular game among Facebook players, and the number of active monthly users is increasing.


In DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots, players can choose from a variety of gambling modes: blackjack, slots, pokies and roulette. Each of these games is divided into different levels depending on the size of the bet and the mode of play.


Players can earn cash prizes and experience points in DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots. In addition, there are 275 badges that can only be earned when a player achieves a certain level of success. For example, reaching a certain number of friends in a game, or winning enough money in a game, etc.


Game features

1. DoubleDown Casino has over 5 million favorites, DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots is one of the most popular casino games on Facebook.

2. DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots can import your game settings and earnings when you log in from Facebook, but you can also sign up individually or play as a guest.

3. Players logged in via Facebook can even play with their friends and other players.


Game highlights

1. The monetization of the game DoubleDown Casino is reflected in the fact that players need to use credits to purchase in-game bets.

2. The game requires internet access, so please make sure you have a good internet connection.



1. In DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots, the games are usually the same as you would find in a casino. You win or lose roughly the same number of points as you would find in a casino game.

2. You have some opportunities, but not enough to get free chips every day. You can also "upgrade" simply by the amount of chips you spend and the time you play.

3.       Exciting games, which is one of the best things, especially in these times of great popularity, I have fun playing my games. No pressure, Double Down is generous with chips, and the new games are easy to get started!



1. It's very slow and has low payouts, and there is only one spin of the free points per day.

2. It takes a long time to load.


Game review

DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots is a slot machine game. The game is connected to a Facebook account, so you can also play against your friends. The game has beautiful graphics and the traditional elements of a slot machine are well done. However, the game requires internet connection throughout the game, and the game can get stuck if the internet is not strong or great.


The social features of DoubleDown Casino are reflected in the fact that the game's blackjack and roulette games are multiplayer modes, where players can invite their friends to play with them, and players can chat and interact with each other in real time during the game. In addition, the game's social features include a leaderboard and gift exchange.


If you like DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots, come and experience it.

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