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Honkai Impact 3rd
Honkai Impact 3rd
  • Updated:Jan 18, 2024
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Edit Notes for Honkai Impact 3rd


Honkai Impact 3rd is a role-playing game, which was launched on October 14, 2016, and on November 4, 2021, the game was officially launched on Steam.


As for the game, the story continues the main plot of "Honkai Impact 2", it tells that the mysterious disaster eroded the world in the future, and the infected humans turned into the ones with no thoughts. In order to resist the beast, brave maidens put on mechs, pick up heavy weapons, and fight against it. In the game, players can play the role of Phoenix, Night Squire, Sixth Serenade, Unholy Justice, Arctic Kriegsmesser, Herrscher of the Void, Sin Hunter and other valkyries to protect the world.


In the game, every time players enter the game, they will be on the main interface map. In the main interface map, players cannot move and do various combat operations. Players can check their personal information, chat with friends, get quests, cultivate Valkyries and build equipment in the main interface map. Players can also enter other home maps or special maps from the main interface map. Players will return to the main interface map after exiting from the home map or special map.


Game features

1. A variety of weapons and spirits from ancient mythology will join the battle with you side by side.

2. In the game, players can unlock the unique QTE moves.

3. The wonderful bloodthirsty action effects, top sound and light effects make every detail of the battle extremely delicate!


Game highlights

1. This is an action-adventure game.

2. In the 3D full-view cartoon world, you can start an incredible adventure.

3. There are many immersive level plots.

4. It has fast combat system settings.

5. The luxurious voice can let players completely in the world and enjoy more experiences.



1. Global players compete on the same field.

2. It has rich copy mode.

3. There are hundreds of weapons and stigmas

4. It has top quality graphics.



1. It is very difficult to get crystals in the late game.


Game review

Honkai Impact 3rd is a secondary style action game with rich confrontation gameplay to ignite the passion of the battle. The choice of fate makes the girls have a bond with each other. At the same time, there are rich plot experiences and gorgeous action moves which make people fun. In addition, top voice acting makes every battle moment passionate!


Then I will talk about the three protagonists, respectively, Kiana, Meiko and Bronia. Each character has four different versions and different characteristics, but they are very beautiful, so the producer has made great efforts in terms of graphics. Last but not the least, the game both character modeling and scenes are very detailed, especially the characters in terms of activities are very natural and smooth.


As for the game's battle scenes, the player can freely rotate the perspective to observe the details of the scene. And the UI of the character's plot dialogue before the start of the battle also uses a different virtual display set up to watch the game's plot unfold from a third-person perspective, which also greatly enhances the game's sense of immersion.


All in all, I recommend you to experience this game, you will enjoy the game and be interested in it.

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