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Farming Simulator 20
Farming Simulator 20

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Farming Simulator 20 is a simulation game of farming in which you can harvest a variety of crops and livestock like sheep, cows, and pigs. Explore the vast farming land on the back of your horse. Apart from conventional farm work, you also need to trade your products with others in a market to earn capital for your investment in machinery and farm expansion. In terms of your machinery career, you will manage over 100 kinds of tools and vehicles with famous brands, including John Deere, which is a machinery firm on the largest scale worldwide. In addition, you can also drive other vehicles in brands like Massey Ferguson, Krone, New Holland, etc. The 3D technology renders a detailed depiction of machinery. Lastly, the game is set against the background of North America, so you can experience authentic and classic North American-style farming. The game is available on various app stores like Google Play.

Game Features

1. Have over 100 kinds of vehicles and tools in big brand names available for players to choose from.

2. Plant and harvest a variety of agricultural plants, such as corn, potatoes, cotton, wheat, oat, etc.

3. Attend livestock in ways of feeding and caring to get products of wool and milk from them for sale.

4. Attend horses and explore the farm on their back.

5. Detailed illustration and presentation of machinery and typical North American farm environment with 3D technology.

6. Realistic driving experience.


Game Highlights

1. Farm simulation game offers a real-life farming experience

2. Attend a variety of animals and sell their products.

3. Manage over 100 vehicles and tools in big brand names.

4. Ride on your horse to explore the vast farmland.



1. A variety of machinery

Players can invest and manage many vehicles and tools with famous brand names.

2. A variety of livestock

Players can attend and get products from different livestock like pigs, cows, sheep, and so on.

3. Explore the land on a horse

Players can ride on a horse and have a panoramic view of the North American-style farmland.

4. Real-life like driving experience

Players can experience authentic driving experience on vehicles produced by famous manufactures worldwide.

5. Excellent graphics

The game has a detailed illustration of machinery.



1. Hard to make money

The game makes it pretty challenging to make money while the price of a machinery is very high.

2. Bugs

For example, the game would sometimes crash.

3. Unable to do anything under bad weather

Players are forced to wait for the weather to get back to normal when it rains or hails outside.

4. Poor UI design

It’s an uncomfortable experience for players to control the camera in ways of changing angles.


Game Review

Farm Simulator 20 offers players an excellent chance to experience North American Style Farming in ways of livestock raising, crop planting, and harvesting, product selling, and machinery investment and driving. For people who have been bored of urban life, the game is a wise choice for them to get away from the busy daily life for a while to refresh themselves. Players can play the role of a farmer and manage their farm freely according to their own will. However, the game does have some drawbacks, like the difficulty of making money, bugs, forced situations, and poor UI design. Regardless of those disadvantages above, it is still an amazing game with an educational meaning. The 3D graphics also make it a lot more easier for players to observe details of machinery produced by world-famous agricultural machinery manufacturers, and make the driving experience of drivers very authentic. All in all, Farm Simulation 20 is worth the recommendation.

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