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FIFA World Cup Trading App
FIFA World Cup Trading App

OS: Android IOS

Version: 1.1.6/1.1.7

Updated: June 3, 2020/June 24, 2020

Size: 81MB/335.7MB

Developer: Electronic Arts

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Edit Notes

Collection: Open the package, find top players and build your collection. Discover rare cards when expanding cards, and explore top team players in 2018! Become the top manager when compiling the top 11 players!

Trade: missing cards? Join the trading pool, meet other players around the world, and exchange cards to get your favorite players! Chat with FIFA enthusiasts around the world, browse inventory, provide quotes and trade. Trade up to 16 cards at once to collect your favorite players, complete the game, buy rare cards or build the final match lineup.

Management and play: Become a manager and choose your top 11 to enter the real-time game, your card score is the same as the live players. Become the best manager in the league, choose the player's main attributes, and then fight other players to win Pack Battles. The cards you win on the sports field remain unchanged! Get the best cards from the winning Pack Battle!

Use our augmented reality feature to find and capture cards in the real world! You never know where unique and rare cards will appear. Unite with other supporters in the team to conquer the most territory together. Please pay attention to your players and make sure they are always at full capacity!

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Developer Notes

By 2020, EA is composed of four major brands: EA Games, EA Sports, EA Maxis, EA All Play. Each brand will have a dedicated production room and a customer-driven distribution team.

EA Games-With the most production studios and production teams, this brand is responsible for action-adventure, role-playing, racing and combat games. In addition to traditional games, EA Games is responsible for manufacturing large-scale online games. At the same time, EA Games will also be responsible for the distribution of EA's other licensed games. EA Games is managed by Frank Gibeau.

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FIFA World Cup Official Trading Card Game! Collect, trade and play the top players of the 2018 Russia World Cup! Can you get your favorite football card or football player card? Download now to get started!

Panini is the official authorized trading card application for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Panini has launched the premier World Cup sticker series in the past 40 years. This is the first time that the entire World Cup history has been brought to your palm! Trade football cards of teams in the 2018 World Cup and compete with other players from all over the world.

Collect and trade stickers from all countries and players who participated in the World Cup in 2018 and the past 4+ years. Find your favorites, moments, players and champions, and the full set from the most iconic games.

Just log in every day to get free gold coins, and get free gift packs, rewards and gold coins to complete tasks, trade, score points in competitions and more!

Start collecting and trading now!

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