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How to make your MC scary

How to make your MC scary

1. Ghostly Banner

Midnight came and the moon was in the sky. At this time a white floating ghost in the air suspended. This is based on the original version of the "ghost" built with the flag.

Ghostly Banner production can be divided into two parts, the production method: here need two white glasses, two white glass plates and two flags. In fact, it is the results of the two flags up and down the stacked house. So you need to make two flags.



2. Skeleton ghost lights

The biggest benefit to Minecraft brought architecturally is that it can easily fill Minecraft buildings with a spooky, sepulchral atmosphere. Especially when combined with the use of skeletons, skulls, soul lamps, soul fire and other cubes. The only regret is that even with the release of 1.16.4, Mojang still seems to have no intention of adding the "soul pumpkin lamp".



3. The head in the glass

It is a well known fact that glass can be squeezed by means of a piston to ensnare any entity in glass. For example, we previously mounted the parrot in the glass. And here you just need to mount the head on the armor frame.



4. The Hanged Adventurer

For realistic effect, you can use red stone powder placed under the armor rack, simulating the blood dripping on the ground, this building is called "hanged adventurers”.


5. Chain guillotine

Or we can choose an improved version of the guillotine, a guillotine built with chains from the latest version of Minecraft's cube. Redstone components here naturally do not have the transmission properties of redstone, but the building can create the illusion that the chains are controllable. 


6. Chains under the hangman!

Chains as a new cube added in 1.16, it has a unique gameplay in the building. If you replace the zombies with a row of villagers, large and small villagers are all hanging upside down in the village of zombie village. And what kind of scene will be?