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GTA: San Andreas iron man mod multiple armor Wearable

GTA: San Andreas iron man mod multiple armor Wearable

Mod producer maxirp released a steel man mod, a "Knight Robber: San Andreas.". Unlike mod of other character conversion classes, this is a real iron man mod. In addition to Tony Stark himself and the iron man, players can also find many familiar enemies and locations in the series of iron man and avenger.


In detail, mod restored Tony Stark's Maribu mansion, which had all the iron man armor that was wearable. In addition, if you can find the avenger building, there will be steel man armor to wear inside. Even the cave Tony Stark was first imprisoned in was perfectly copied in mod, and you could even find mark in it.


The mod also has a javis UI interface (with animation icons). In addition, it also provides the armor menu for iron men, where players can choose to change their skin freely, or recruit sentinels and steel Corps through an iron man configuration menu.


It is worth mentioning that this mod not only includes Roddy and war machine skin, pepper rescue armor skin, even steel Corps skin, Yan Sen skin and whiplash skin can be selected.


As for the enemy, mod arranged arcane as the opponent for the player. Once the player reaches 4 wanted stars, arcane will be produced in LS police station. When they find you, they will fly over and attack, is it exciting?