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Online creative games combined with avatars? Acquisition by Roblox Roblesch

Online creative games combined with avatars? Acquisition by Roblox Roblesch

Roblox Is one of the world's largest multiplayer online creation games. From FPS and RPG to racing and solving puzzles, users have used the platform to create a range of different games. At the same time, Roblox announced a move into VR in 2016, allowing users to design and experience a wide variety of VR creations.20201225/42afd7b4a35607187fa8753bdfb07b95.jpeg

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Quest YouTube VR supports gesture recognition

Recently, Oculus Quest YouTube VR has announced support for gesture recognition, meaning that Quest users can now navigate through pages, open videos and search with their hands without using a gamepad. Quest has been available since May with four wide-angle cameras, but previously only Magnopus, The Curious Tale of The Stolen Pets, Waltz of The Wizard, Quest's screen and browser were compatible. Subsequently, applications such as Virtual Desktop and Spatial began to be compatible with gesture recognition.

VRPinea Exclusive Review: The great thing about using gesture recognition to navigate an app's interface is that you don't need to look for a handle when you're wearing a VR headset. You can just raise your hand and do it.

Zero Latency has opened a new offline experience store in Sydney. Zero Latency opened a new store in Sydney, Australia, yesterday. This is Zero Latency's sixth offline experience store in Australia and the 46th store in the world.


It is understood that Zero Latency allows up to eight players to explore the rich and colorful VR world through wireless VR headsets in a huge space of 200 square meters at the same time. The team is currently working on more experiences, including the much anticipated Far Cry VR.

VRPinea Exclusive review: It's pretty cool that VR offline experience stores can be opened due to the epidemic. Curatours, a VR art exhibition app, will be released next year.

British game studio Cooperative Innovations is not only famed for its VR space adventure game Spaceteam VR, but also committed to developing educational applications, foreign media reported. Recently, the studio launched Curatours, a VR art exhibition app that allows users to experience museums, art galleries and other cultural institutions.


Curatours allow users to see precious cultural relics and art collections closely. It also offers a variety of viewing ways such as digital exhibition, live tours, 3D videos, and audio recording.