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Honour of Kings
Honour of Kings
  • Updated:September 23, 2020

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Version update content

1. new hero-Charlotte: SNK genuine license, rose sword shadow, seven mans stars! Born into a noble family, she is superb in western swordsmanship. Facing the unknown truth, shouldering the glory and mission of the family and embarking on a journey to the East. In terms of skills, she restored the fighting experience and dealt high damage by strengthening the general attack in the match.

2.S21 canyon anecdote season starts: the exclusive skin of the season goes online, and S21 glory battle is newly started. At the same time, the qualifying exploration system is upgraded to the season tour system, which is divided into season experience and glory challenge. In the season experience, the experience value is obtained by ranking to unlock narrative information and season rewards, and the king position is reached to open the glory challenge and get rare rewards.

3. New system-time and space: The first year of the competition limited the skin to go online, and the king of the S17~S20 seasons can directly obtain the skin and exclusive skin label; In addition, in the space-time environment, you can view the newly launched race-year-limited skin, and charge the space-time energy to obtain the race-year-limited skin.

4. New equipment: new equipment, strategic confrontation. The series of playing wild knives and abandoning forest short blades was added, the wild flame was added to punish blows, and the protection mechanism of wild elves was added. At the same time, new equipment such as Forever Guard, Night Armor and Thorn Guard will be added to improve the game of equipment strategy.

2. Equipment adjustment: the blade of sanction, the tooth of nightmare, the armor of anti-injury, the fierce armor, the grip of ice mark, the power of master, etc.

3. Summoner skill adjustment: sprint and interference.

4. Adjustment of King Canyon: the auxiliary branch was renamed as wandering branch, and the recommendation of hero branch was updated.

5. Glory title adjustment: add a national list, upgrade the quality of icons at different levels, and optimize the interface of the list with the strongest national service.

6. Battlefield presentation optimization: the alert effect in the wild area is optimized, which is convenient for clearing the wild and fighting in the wild area; The skill effect display is optimized, and the team battle and skill release are clearer; The defensive tower indicates optimization and strengthens the prompt of being attacked by the defensive tower; Fine arts level adjustment, higher skill and special effects level, hurt the definition optimization of floating characters in the digital office.

7. Adjustment of qualifying: the restriction rules of five rows of teams are adjusted, and the upward adjustment conditions are from 50 stars to 100 stars.

8.Optimization of office communication: small map communication is more convenient, and communication accuracy is upgraded. At the same time, a new way to express quick messages in record details interface is added.

9. Customized system optimization:Mall interface is optimized, which is more beautiful and convenient; The hero skin interface is optimized to display the recommended content of stars.

10. Skin resident sharing function: You can share the acquired skin at any time in the hero skin interface.11. Backpack function optimization: add random package batch use function, and add batch sale function for saleable props.


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management philosophy
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Business philosophy
Everything is based on user value:
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Integrity, enterprising, cooperation and creativity.


[introduction to the game]
"the glory of the king" is  first 5V5 team fair competition mobile game, and the national MOBA mobile game masterpiece! 5V5 King Canyon, fair battle, restore MOBA classic experience; The battle of contract, the confrontation between the five armies, the border breakout, the simulated battle of kings, etc., bring fancy combat fun! Real-time cross-regional matching in 10 seconds, scoring with friends and attacking the strongest king! A variety of heroes are free to choose, one blood, five kills, super gods, strength crushing, harvesting the whole audience! The enemy is about to reach the battlefield, so the summoner of the king will gather friends and prepare for the group battle, just in the glory of the king!

[game features]
1, 5V5, go over the tower and kill! Open group
5V5 classic map, three-way tower pushing, presents the most original experience of fighting. Match heroic strategies, form the strongest lineup, and cooperate tacitly with the limit of 666!

2. Open a group at any time! Cool it in 10 minutes!
MOBA game suitable for mobile phones, enjoy the ultimate competitive experience in 10 minutes. Fight circuitous, cooperate with hands and brains, and fight to the end! There are many people, come quickly!

3. Team play fairly! Fun doesn't spell strength!
Carry the whole audience with strength and go to glory with the team. Don't be a hero, don't set physical strength, and return your initial game fun!

4. Five kills at fingertips! Operation of coquettish walking show!

[special description]
In the game "the glory of the king", users can choose "play with QQ friends/play with  friends/log in with tourists" when logging in, and the game data of the three login methods on devices are not interoperable (including grade, DIA, gold coins, etc.). The game token "counting coupons" purchased by users in the game can only be used in this application.  virtual currency, such as Q coins and Q points, cannot be used in this application.



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