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Hitman GO
Hitman GO
  • Updated:July 6, 2018
    Size:1100 MB
    Developer:SQUARE ENIX
  • Updated:July 5, 2018
    Size:24.12 MB
    Developer:SQUARE ENIX

Edit Notes

Hitman Go is developed using the Unity 3D engine. As one of the best-performing crosses-platform game production engines, Unity 3D is widely used in game development on IOS platform and Android platform.

In general, games developed by Unity 3D have a general expression of the game screen, and the lighting effect is not as good as other top game engines. However, if it is used for developing mobile games, it is quite appropriate. Hitman 3D developed by Unity 3D, the game picture performance is relatively delicate, the texture performance can only be said to reach the general level.

The game operation is relatively simple, with a finger swipe, you can operate the character to move in different directions. Although this work does not have the Chinese culture interface at present, but the game operation is simple, the interface is concise and lively, some icon Settings are clear, basically there will be no obstacles in understanding.

The game in the level design, step by step, by the simplest mobile push, to the subsequent countless creative levels, in the difficulty of setting, very friendly.

For too difficult levels, the game is close to set up a prompt mode, players can lead in the footprint, step by step to complete the level. Of course, the prompt has the time limit, if uses up, may purchase in the supplement.

Killer since ancient times is a mysterious and strange occupation, a qualified killer in addition to have vigorous skill, firm belief and superb fighting skills, cool mind and correct sense of strategy are also essential.

Much different from the original, Hitman Go dramatically overturns the gameplay, replacing the Killer series, which was originally an action game, with a strategy game based on brainpower. It can be said that in this adaptation, the player will focus on depicting the cool and intelligent side of killer 47.

The overall picture style of the game is simple and lively, the characters of the game will become the existence of chess pieces, the killer 47 or that cool black suit, put out the modeling is still so deep and gentlemanly polite.

In the game, the character moves in a clear path, and in each turn, the player-controlled killer 47 moves only once, and then the enemy moves only once in a turn.

To achieve the goals set by the game, players need to use their brains. More or less steps may cause the game to fail.

The level style of the game is somewhat interesting, with white lines depicting the path points on a large sand table. Each path point is a small level. After we click into the small level, we will find that each small map is a large sandbox interception magnification. Basic each small level has a different achievement goal, such as 0 kill, the minimum number of steps to complete, intimate is that you can repeat the level to achieve the goal of brush full achievement. The game is currently only five games open, and although the sixth level is marked with "COMING SOON", it's not clear when THE SE will be able to show us the sixth box. I would say, though, that even five big levels would be enough to play for quite a while, unless there were really amazing players who achieved every level on the first pass.


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Developer Notes

Square Enix is a Japanese game software production and development company and publisher. Abbreviation is ス ク エ ニ (SQEX).

On November 29, 2002, SQUARE and ENIX announced that they would formally merge on April 1, 2002. The future surviving entity of the new company will be ENIX. The largest shareholder of the new Company is former President of ENIX Yasuhiro Fukushima.


When you think of a killer, you might think of Leon, you might think of John Doe, you might think of the zodiac. However, these characters have nothing to do with games and only appear in movies and TV series. I don't know who you think of when you think of the more famous killer in Art 9, but my first reaction is a bald head, a bald head with two guns, the guy with the code name 47.

In fact, although both killers and assassins are underground professionals, it seems that the assassins are more explicit in fighting with fire and fire, such as Zhuzhu and Nie Zheng, probably because they both have political or revenge purposes and have a heart for justice. Killers are often more secretive in order to live and get paid. The most typical example is Leon's amazing shot of a steel wire in a building killing a man in silence. Perhaps because of the stealth nature of the killer, Hitman has been focused on sneaking into the game since its release, but not if you don't care about the ratings.

But if you thought it was still Agent 47 in Hitman: GO, the killer app on iOS has changed the norm to strategic chess -- which is a bit of a misnomer, since it's not a hero-like move. But while the types of games have changed, there's not a bit less to think about. The main character of the game, of course, is still a bald man in a suit, but instead of holding those two iconic silver guns in his hands, what we need to do is to control him to move step by step along the route given by the system until he reaches the target or completes the assassination. All the characters in the game are shaped like the green soldiers they played as children, rather like human figures standing on circular trays. When 47 pairs of targets are killed or accidentally spotted by a security guard, the game is played in much the same way as when a piece is taken: the little man is thrown off the field or thrown to the ground. However, there is a lack of detail in this modeling approach, and it feels like all the characters' facial expressions are equally grim. But the fixed 45-degree Angle of view of God also allows us to see only the top of everyone's head most of the time.

The way you do it is one step at a time. At the distance between the two nodes, the guard's visual field is only that short, but the bald man can move only one bar at a time. The good thing is that the guards only see 47 when they look at him. There's no such thing as a side-view; The downside is that you're likely to get caught in the middle of a siege before you take two steps -- don't think of security guards as wooden posts, they're also moving around on a regular basis, so figuring out the route is a must if you want to achieve your goal. The game will also pick up stones, bombs and other props, throw out after can attract the attention of the guards, so as to create a safe path. However, it is difficult to determine which position of these props can maximize the benefit without thinking about it or trying it more than once.


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