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Happy Glass 2
Happy Glass 2
  • Updated:April 16, 2020
    Size:477.5 MB
    Developer:Lion Studios
  • Updated:April 16, 2020
    Developer:Lion Studios

Edit Notes

Hundreds of the levels with unique glass and problems. The rule is you can touch once on the screen to draw a line. You have limited time to draw the line. Once you pick up your finger, then you can’t draw anymore. So you have to choose wisely what you need to draw and in proper allowed time in that level. The line will be converted into a rigid body and tap water then can flow on it. So you have to draw the lines in such way so that all the water goes into the glass and make your glass the super smile glass happy. Obviously it’s gonna be a time management game as well. You have to meet the ticking clock speed to draw our line. Draw Lines To Fill Up Glass.

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Developer Notes

Lion Studios is a mobile game publishing studio based in San Francisco, CA with offices in Istanbul, Berlin, Lahore, Jakarta, Shanghai, Seoul, and Puerto Rico.

Since our launch in 2018, we’ve published 67 games with 13 games reaching #1 in the charts and many more breaking the top 10.

April 20, 2018Love Balls from SuperTapx launched with Lion — reached #1 in App Store in 63 countries and #1 in Google Play in 54 countries — in just one day.

July 2018 Official launch of the Lion Studios brand!

July 12, 2018 Lion Studios launched the first Ultimate Game Changers Contest — selecting four mobile games based on virality and stickiness — proving to have the most promise to become the next chart-topper.

August 28, 2019i Peel Good from Alpha Potato launched with Lion reaching #1 in App Store in 17 countries and #1 in Google Play in 4 countries.

October 9, 2019Icing On The Cake from Alpha Potato launched with Lion reaching #1 in App Store in 40 countries and #1 in Google Play in 22 countries.


"Happy Glass 2" is a cartoon-style puzzle breakthrough game. In the game, the player really has to play a water cup this time, but if you find a way to catch the water, the level of water reaches a certain amount to be considered as a pass. Swipe on the screen and it will be generated by wire. Putting water into the cup through physical means is very brainstorming. A large number of levels and clever design are waiting for you to challenge here. Come and download Happy Glass 2 to experience it.

Here is a brand new logical and brain game for you! Accept the challenge to clear all the levels of “Happy Glass 2 – Draw and Fill Glass” and show up your intelligence and smartness. Draw the lines in such a way that tap water only flow to the glass and it fills it to make it smily and happy (glass). You need to make a way out by drawing a line so that in one touch draw it should be accomplished.

In the Happy Glass 2 game, players need to draw lines in different places and adjust the position of the water cup to ensure that the water cup correctly catches the water flow. Concise screen design, magical and interesting gameplay, very easy and easy to use, many levels, difficulty will continue to increase, magical sound effects make people want to stop, come join the happy water cup game, greatly enrich your leisure time, experience A different kind of immersive experience.

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